30 July, 2018

SASA Malaysia x PUPA Milano Makeup Stories Workshop

Let’s play with colors and tell our very own makeup stories! 

When it comes to makeup, I have always been learning and improving. That explains why I am here at SASA outlet this time with Federico Lucci, PUPA International Trainer & Makeup Artist to get some makeup tips using various PUPA Milano products.

PUPA Milano, an Italian cosmetics brand established since 1976 is no stranger to beauty junkies globally as it is available in over 70 countries around the world. During my visit at SASA Malaysia outlet, I notice that it brings us the complete set of full-fledged cosmetics for the eyes, face, lips and nails. It's going to be fun playing with these Italian-made collections.

Federico Lucci first shares the secret to perfect, long-lasting makeup by using the Pupa Milano Smoothing Foundation Primer in Lilac shade which suits our Asian yellow undertones. 

While I heard it is one of the bestsellers of PUPA Milano, I personally love such lightweight base too as it helps hold makeup for long hours while minimising the appearance of pores, blemishes etc.

However, the star product that totally steals the show is the gorgeous Makeup Stories Eyeshadow Palettes which come in 4 variants, of which I have tried two of them. I mean, look at the classy, metallic case of the palette; How could it not catch my attention? The outer case is pretty sturdy and reflects the spectrum of eyeshadow shades in it.

Makeup Stories Eyeshadow Palette in #002 Hot Flame

I have always been a fan of warm-toned makeups and this Makeup Stories Hot Flame palette is definitely something for me. It contains 10 amazing colors ranging from the warm vibrant tones of gold and mustard to the burned shades of copper and amber, in 3 different textures i.e. matte, satin and metallic to create an infinite variety of stunning eye make-ups.

I am wearing the shimmery shade of Fire (Vivid pink) here. Love the velvety feel and shiny smooth finish it gives! Most importantly, the color payoff is excellent.

Makeup Stories Eyeshadow Palette in #004 Cosmic Queen

But if you don’t share the same preference as me, perhaps the Makeup Stories Cosmic Queen palette may interest you? Beautifully composed of 10 shades, this palette feels like a burst of galaxy colors when I first try it. 

Blend those deep blue and intense teal shades with metallic glow of silvery and vibrant tones, and you’d be ready to rock the party tonight.

Similarly, it is composed of 3 different textures altogether:
Matt: Yields velvety finish with maximum coverage
Satin: Gives a more silky and creamy finish
Metal: Fixes instantly along the eyelid and lasts all day long

Makeup Tips
❤ Use the Matt texture to create perfect shading and intensify your gaze.
❤ Apply the Satin texture for soft shades without contrasts.
❤ Don’t be afraid to dare with the Metal texture! Play with the extraordinary light reflections and dramatic smoky effect.

Throughout the workshop, I also have my hands on PUPA Milano’s concealer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara and not forgetting the lipstick! Totally in love with this matte lipstick that gives the lips a full, bold color with velvety finish.

Well, you gotta experience the beauty of PUPA yourselves, so it’s time to find your nearest SASA outlet to try out PUPA Milano’s makeup products!

Don’t forget to stalk SASA Malaysia on social media for latest updates.
Website: www.sasa.com.my
Instagram: @sasamalaysia

For more information about PUPA Milano, visit:
Instagram: @pupamilanoitaly

28 July, 2018

ViQ Apparel: Affordable Sports Attire in Paradigm Mall, PJ

Congratulations ViQ Apparel for the Grand Opening of its flagship store in Paradigm Mall, PJ!

ViQ Apparel, our proud home-grown sportswear brand is not something new to me. I have been wearing ViQ Apparel sportswear since few years ago when I got my first set from its booth in The School, Jaya One.

Meet Kevin, the owner behind this affordable fitness fashion brand

At ViQ Apparel, sportswear is always fun and expressive. Its wide range of sports bra, tops, running pants etc comes in various colors that express our styles and uniqueness. Today, ViQ is supplying apparels of more than 80 colors with sizes up to 3XL to serve different market needs.

Price wise, it is pretty affordable. Most tops and pants that I see here are below RM69.90 while some are only 30++ ringgit! To be honest, such price point is very attractive for the design and quality we get.

I notice alot of sportswear here are skewed towards being fashionable.
Functionality wise, customers can choose according to their needs / purposes.

For instance, this floral yoga top and elastic skort are specially designed for yoga or light activities.
No worries, there is definitely something here that would suit your active lifestyle :)

Affordability aside, the quality is fairly good too. All the fabrics and textiles are properly examined and controlled for quality assurance. That’s how ViQ brings us the best of comfort, creativity and value for money. 

For running pants, I am happy to see such a complete spectrum of colors!
It's time to ditch the classic black and add some colors to your daily workout :)

Criss-cross design, one of the best-selling series is my personal favourite here!

Absolutely lovin' how they incorporate mesh material and cut out design to add an edgy touch to the outfit.

 Oh did I forget to mention that ViQ Apparel has plenty of fitness tee and pants for male too?

 So, don't just bring your girlfriend here; do shop together with her!

Once again, congratulations ViQ Apparel for the flagship store opening in Paradigm Mall, PJ! 

I must say, you gotta visit the outlet to see and feel ViQ's fashion and sports apparel yourselves :) 
For those residing outside Klang Valley, feel free to shop for ViQ online too!

ViQ Apparel Flagship Store
2F-08, 09, 10
2nd Floor
Paradigm Mall
1, Jalan SS 7/26A, SS7,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

Shop Online: viqapparel.com
Facebook: fb.com/ViQApparel
Instagram: @viqapparel

26 July, 2018

Review: Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris New Haircare Series

Haircare is the new skincare. That's what I learn from my hair pampering session with Hair Rituel by Sisley. 

Sisley, a globally-renowned French skincare and makeup brand from Paris, has been around for over 40 years, and now it is expanding to the haircare line called "Hair Rituel by Sisley".

What we need for the hair's beauty is similar to what required for skin youthfulness. It combines concentrated amounts of plant-based extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and proteins to create high performance formula. (We shall see how powerful it is in a bit...)

Unlike the ordinary hair products that come in multiple variants for scalp care and hair care, Hair Rituel by Sisley makes things simpler and more effective by having one single series to treat both the scalp and hair fibre at the same time

For the scalp
It treats from the root by boosting our hair bulbs' cell mechanism.

For the hair
It acts on the visible part by rebuilding and nourishing the hair fibre to achieve radiance and shine.

The scent? 
It is a unique olfactory signature - fresh and invigorating as our senses are intrigued with complex citrus and woody notes of verbena, lemon, peach blossom and amber.

The new brand offers a complete, specialised hair care routine in just 4 steps:
Clean, regenerate, fortify and beautify. 

*All products are free from sulphate, paraben and silicon that may harm the hair. 

Step 1: Clean / Detangle 

What Hair Rituel by Sisley's shampoo can do that your ordinary shampoo can't, is its revitalizing function on the scalp and hair. Depending on your hair needs, there are 2 types of shampoos to choose from, and then you can finish it off with the specialised conditioner. 

❤ Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo with Camellia Oil gives the hair more body and feels thicker.
❤ Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo with Macadamia Oil allows hair to be sheathed and visibly smoothed. 

❤ Restructuring Conditioner with Cotton Proteins restructures hair and increases its resistance. 
Just 3 minutes of application and rinsing off, the hair is instantly detangled, sheathed, silky and easy to style. 

Step 2: Regenerate

It is recommended to use the Regenerating Hair Care Mask infused with 4 botanical oils for 3-4 times a week. 

I find it very different from my usual hair mask, as I can apply this onto the scalp! A 10-minute application onto scalp and hair (then rinse off) can help in the overall regeneration of scalp and hair. You'll be amazed on how the hair becomes softer, stronger and shinier immediately

Step 3: Fortify

The Revitalizing Fortifying Serum is a special scalp care product. As mentioned earlier, everything should begin from the root. So it is important to treat the scalp first. This serum can help to:

❤ Slow hair loss
❤ Protect hair's natural color 
❤ Promote stronger and denser hair 
❤ Instantly soothe the scalp and provide volume and tone 

The staff from Sisley is applying the hair serum onto my scalp.

When I first try it, it feels like some hair tonic to me. Liquid-like texture and cool minty feeling on the scalp. One small pipette of serum is sufficient for whole hair. All you need is to separate your hair (dry / damp) into 3 sections, apply a pipette across all parts and massage in. Let it absorbed into the scalp and do not rinse.

Gentle massage into the scalp is very helpful for better absorption.

Step 4: Beautify 

The last step before styling is the Precious Hair Care Oil for instant glossiness and long-lasting nutrition. It is pleasantly lightweight (not the greasy / sticky type), and easy to apply on damp or dry hair before brushing. Just few drops will do; Don't over apply. 

To my surprise, the effect on my hair is so significant! 

On the left side, you can see my bleached and colored hair is usually dry and frizzy. Whereas, on the right, the hair oil instantly restores shine, softness and smoothness to the hair! Even without blowing / styling, my hair is already photo-ready! The instantaneous result is just amazing, and I absolutely love my smooth hair now.

Of course, it is not your ordinary drugstore brand but the price comes with the benefits you get. 

Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo (200ml) @ RM290
Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo (200ml) @ RM290
Restructuring Conditioner (200ml) @ RM270
Regenerating Hair Care Mask (200ml) @ RM360
Revitalizing Fortifying Serum (60ml) @ RM730
Precious Hair Care Oil (100ml) @ RM390

Hair Rituel by Sisley is suitable for: 
❤ Both men and women
❤ All hair types including colored / highlighted hair 
❤ Highly recommended for tired, sensitive hair due to external damage (coloring, blow-drying, chemicals) 

Overall Verdict: 
I love how the miraculous hair care products transform my dry hair instantly into shiny, smooth and lustrous hair especially the Precious Hair Care Oil. After several uses, this series helps restore the hair's "energy" by stimulating the scalp and strengthening the hair. Hopefully, after 6 weeks of use, I can see lesser hair loss, as proven by the initial studies. 

Hair Rituel by Sisley can be found at all Sisley Cosmetics counters nationwide:
❤ ISETAN KLCC (03-2382 2848)
❤ Parkson KLCC (03-2300 0563)
❤ Parkson Pavilion (03-2142 0608)
❤ Parkson Bandar Utama (03-7710 9799)
❤ Parkson Gurney (04-229 6739)
❤ Robinsons (03-2287 9942)

23 July, 2018

5 Reasons I Choose Gaston Luga Backpack from Sweden

If you notice from my previous blog post, I have been travelling more frequently this year, be it a short weekend city trip or a long vacation. Having to travel from one location to another, I find it increasingly tedious to drag a bulky luggage wherever I go.

So I have been considering getting a backpack for the longest time ever, but I just can't find something stylish that suits my liking.... until I stumble upon Gaston Luga, a renowned brand from Stockholm, Sweden! 

Here are 5 reasons why I choose Gaston Luga:


As I browse through Gaston Luga's minimalist collection of backpacks such as Clässic, Pråper, Clässy and Clässy Mini on its website, the bold and elegant design of Pråper is the first to attract me. I love how they use a combination of leather, metal and canvas in contrasting tones of black and olive to spice things up so that the backpack looks more sophisticated than the usual classics. Such design makes it easy for any occasion and any outfit.


Another reason is comfort and convenience. It is more convenient to put my daily essentials into one single backpack instead of having to carry my usual purse and several other bags. Plus, I love how the thick canvas shoulder straps rest comfortably on the shoulders. 


I must admit that I have been constantly overloading my Pråper but thanks to the strong durable canvas, I am not worried about breaking it. For extra protection, there is a soft and luxurious 100% cotton fabric inner lining, as well as 4 metallic feet under the backpack.

Plus, it comes with a drawstring opening underneath the waterproof leather flap to secure everything inside well.


In terms of size, I am glad that Gaston Luga Pråper does not disappoint. It is slightly smaller than Gaston Luga Clässic, but this 18L capacity is huge enough for me to fit everything I need.

Initially I was worried that the backpack might look too huge on me since I am only 163cm tall. But fortunately, it doesn't at all. With the dimension of 30cm x 42cm x 15cm, it should fit all body frames well.


If you are a more organized person who loves to compartmentalize, then this backpack is for you. I am very particular when it comes to compartments in a bag -- well, you know girls always need that extra pocket for lipsticks, keys, mobile phone etc etc.

Functionality wise, I am pretty satisfied as its main compartment consists a padded 13"-15" laptop compartment and 2 small inner pockets. This helps to locate my stuff better as I don't have to just shove everything into the backpack.

Another unique feature is the hidden pocket on the back of the backpack to keep your passport, travel documents or other important belongings safe yet easily accessible. The pocket size also fits my 6" smartphone perfectly. 


Personally, I feel that the details of the backpack have added that little something extra to it, so I don't really need to include any other accessories. But one important thing you should buy especially for travellers would be the Colored Address Tag (sold separately). I have gotten mine together with the backpack from Gaston Luga. Love how the color pops out when paired with the backpack!


Overall, I am happy with my recent experience using Gaston Luga Pråper so far. Personally, the Pråper is perfect for my weekend trips and everyday use at work. If you prefer something bigger or more petite, try other Gaston Luga models.

If I ever buy my second Gaston Luga backpack, it would be mainly for its timeless design, comfort, durability, space and compartments. 5 reasons and I am sold!

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for any purchase made on www.gastonluga.com

Don’t forget to find out more styles with Gaston Luga on Instagram: www.instagram.com/gastonluga
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