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31 October, 2018

[FOOD] Going Adventurous at Chocha Foodstore, Petaling Street, KL

Chō Chǎ is one of the more interesting cafes in town which I think is worth trying out although it is not something new that is hyped up by the crowd. In fact, it has been around for 2 years now and has constantly been serving amazing Asian fusion cuisine that keeps me coming back for more.

Nestled in an old shop house at Chinatown KL, I really enjoy the cool comforts of the rustic interior decorated in warm tones of brown. Sitting on the long old-school benches, surrounded by potted plants and natural sunlight, Chocha is the place where I can spend my whole afternoon working alone or hanging out with friends. 

Menu wise, it is the fun twist Asian small plates, wine and specialty teas that never fails to impress my palate. I love how the daring recipes here bring out the best of our everyday staple food.

My adventurous taste buds first go for the Ulam Stew Barley Rice (RM28) which is beautifully composed of intense flavours from ulam pesto barley rice, squid, shaved salted egg and crispy dried shrimp. Complex yet delicious and hearty on the palate.

Simple dish like the Cured Fish Rice (RM30) does not disappoint at all as it features my favourite gooey ajitama egg and savoury light pan-seared cured mackerel. Whereas the snacking platter of CFC (RM26) aka Cincalok Fried Chicken complements my meal well as I prefer a protein boost. 

Something closer to Chinese flavours is the Biang Biang Inspired Noodle (RM18) that reminds me of spicy pan mee. A simple yet extravagantly flavoured dish loaded with Szechuan chilli oil and toasted peanuts which is the epitome of soul food for me. 

As though we haven't had enough of ulam, we finish off our meal with an ulam dessert! Our extremely rich. creamy Ulam Raja Creme Brulee (RM18) is pretty much an acquired taste as the bittersweet flavour of dehydrated ulam raja is a tad overwhelming for me. I probably need more crunchy honey comb topping to balance out the flavours. 

Revisit? Yes. There are plenty more interesting dishes on the menu that are worth exploring. If you love going adventurous with twists of flavours, Chocha is the right place to visit. 

Ulam Stew Barley Rice (RM28)
Sauteed fresh squid, ulam pesto, shaved salted egg and crispy dried shrimp

Cured Fish Rice (RM30)
Light pan-seared cured mackerel, ajitama egg, scallion ginger sauce and herb butter

CFC (RM26) 
Cincalok marinated chicken served with housemade tomato chutney and pineapple salsa

Biang Biang Inspired Noodle (RM18)
Housemade fat/thin noodle, with Szechuan chilli oil, spices, toasted peanut and seasoned soy vinaigrette 

Ulam Raja Creme Brulee (RM18) 
Dehydrated ulam raja, Thai basil and honey comb

P/S: For those craving for boozes, Botak Liquor Bar is just a flight of stairs away.

Chocha Foodstore
156, Jalan Petaling,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2022 1100
Instagram: @chochafoodstore

Business Hours: 11am - 11pm daily
Closed on Mondays

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