16 March, 2019

4 Top Choices You’ll Love at Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a well-known ice cream store and fast food restaurant which is famous for its delicious sweet treats. Here you can eat a variety of items like famous American fast foods, signature soft ice cream and other delicious frozen products. The cherry-plunged soft ice cream might be a relic of times gone by at most Dairy Queen Eateries, yet they are the most delicious frozen products loved by the vintage ice cream lovers.

Blizzard - a delicate soft serve treat most loved by ice cream lovers. You will quickly fall in love with the soft mix-ins that is so creamy and thick. With such vast numbers of various flavors to explore, are you confused about your choice? Although Dairy Queen menu prices are all quite affordable, surely you’ll want to know which are worth every penny.

Here are the 4 top dairy queen blizzard choices:

1. Royal New York Cheesecakes
Digging into the bites of cheesecake in the semi-gelatinous scoops of dessert with fresh strawberry topping is probably the best enjoyment for summer. The range of Royal Blizzards which typically comes with a delicious filling in the center is the crowd's favourite among all. 

2. Candy Cane Oreo Blizzard
We love Christmas but here we would love to taste the peppermint bark year-round. The right balance of fresh peppermint and rich chocolate flavours make it the best seasonal Blizzard. People long for the December every day for the seasonal item. 

3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard
Delightful on its own, when it is baked as brownies and served with ice cream on its top, it becomes one of the best chocolate desserts of the century. The Blizzard is stuffed with the fudge, which makes it as one of the best heavenly treats among all.

4. Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard
It contains small bonbons loaded up with salted and creamy caramel, drifting in soft ice cream with toffee pieces, fudge and chocolate lumps. It was the rewarded as the Blizzard of the Month back in January, yet it is turned out to be so loved and widespread that it occupied a permanent place in the menu list.

So, how do you like these Blizzards? Be sure to enjoy your day with these soft, thick creamy dairy queen frozen products with your loved ones around and have some unforgettable moments! 

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