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26 March, 2019

Unconventional Yet Sweet Bouquets

Flowers have been used to create bouquets for ages. Floral bouquets are ideal for home d├ęcor and for parties. Floral bouquets also make great gifts. Unfortunately, some people are usually allergic to flowers. These bouquets are also not very kid-friendly. If you still want to make a bouquet and do not want to use flowers, you can simply make use of candy!

Here are some unconventional, but very sweet candy bouquet ideas.

The potted lollipop tree
This is an interesting candy bouquet idea. Here, you can simply put a foam ball into the bottom of a flower pot. After that, poke holes into the foam using the plastic handles on the lollipops. Keep going until they all stand around like a colorful, round bouquet of flowers.

Candy Barbie doll dress
Is your child celebrating a birthday? Do you have a special event which you would like to celebrate with your child? In such cases, you can break tradition. Instead of celebrating with a cake or some other baked goods, you can simply make a candy bouquet which looks like a Barbie doll dress. You can decorate the dress with your child’s favorite colors and even create a pattern by arranging them strategically.

A chocolate candy sleigh
Candy bouquets are also highly applicable during the Christmas season. You can create a chocolate candy sleigh and maintain joy and happiness in the Yuletide season. By using a collection of chocolate candies, you can create a candy version of Santa Claus’ sleigh. It is guaranteed to impress your visitors and help you celebrate Christmas as well.

Candy kebabs
A great way to avoid having to use plates and other cutlery during your child’s special day is by getting a little creative. You can get gummy candies such as Gummy Bears. As indicated by the Manly Man Company, skewer them with straws of little plastic sticks. After that, stand them up in little buckets of sugar and pass them around in the party. This saves you the stress of having to use delicate crockery for the job.

Googly eyed lollipop tree
Is your child impressed by the freakier things in life? In such a case, you can make them a Googly eyed lollipop tree. Begin by sticking some googly eyes all over the pot. After that, decorate it with lollipops. Finally, stick some eyes on the tips of pipe cleaners that are curled and poke them all over the lollipop tree. Eventually, your tree will look like a lollipop monster.

Valentine’s Day the candy way
On Valentine’s Day, many people love receiving gifts such as plush toys and heart shaped decorations. A few others simply want the candy. If your partner enjoys sweets, you can then make a Valentine’s Day candy sundae. To accomplish this, get a milkshake cup. After that, fill it on the inside with little candy bars. Once you have achieved this, make some candy kebabs and have them stick right out of the top. By sticking with the season’s colors, you can make a very attractive Valentine’s Day sundae which will wow your loved ones!

There are many creative ways to use candy. An amazing one is creating candy bouquets. The ideas above can help you to create fantastic bouquets. They are easy to do and you only need the items in your home to complete them. Try them out today and enjoy a sweet, sugary day!

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