06 September, 2020

How to Carry the Kayak on Travel - Let's Know Several Transporting Options

I recall that few years back, I became quite interested in kayaking. It appeared to me that it is a fantastic outdoor adventure out in the water. I saw some documentary on kayaking on television. I was amazed at how kayakers enjoy a scenic view of nature while paddling a kayak along the shoreline. Such sightseeing is not possible from shore. Long story short. I decided to embark on a kayaking trip.

But the problem is there is no waterway close to my home. It means I needed to carry the watercraft to a lake which is hundreds of miles away from my property. So, how do I carry it there? I found several useful techniques regarding carrying a kayak at a distance on the internet. I have compiled these ideas and let me share with you so that you may find one of the transportation options suitable for you if you also want to transport a kayak ever.

Options to transport kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks
If you don’t like any hassle at all, an inflatable kayak is a good option for you when it comes to transporting a kayak. You can simply carry it in your car trunk. The only difficulty is perhaps inflating it after reaching the destination. But, I anticipate it is not a big deal that is inflating an inflatable kayak. 

Different types of pumps like foot pumps, hand pumps, electric pumps out there to inflate an inflatable kayak. Pick a pump that you find easy to use for you and pack it with the kayak. Below are some brands that you might consider 

- Advanced Elements
- Airhead
- Aquaglide
- Sea Eagle
- Sevylor

However, in my case, I didn’t purchase an inflatable kayak.

Kayak Roof Racks
I applied this transporting option. I found a kayak roof rack that is highly convenient for me to transport my kayak anywhere I like. It’s a stylish way to transport your watercraft with ease and safety. It’s also peach in mind that you are carrying the most essential thing of your trip undamaged. Think about the situation. After reaching the destination if you find that any part of the kayak like its deck, hull, paddle, or cockpit is severely damaged rendering it useless, your kayaking trip needs to be called off. Like inflatable kayaks, there are several high-quality kayak roof racks available in the market.

I personally used Malone downloader folding carrier. I picked the kayak roof rack from the site that I have mentioned just now. I chose the model because it requires little effort to attach and secure the kayak with my vehicle. The roof rack comes with a hardwired boarding ramp which lets me loading and unloading the kayak without calling anybody for help. The kayak roof rack will also ensure that your kayak will stay in place no matter the condition of the road you are traveling.

Kayak Trailer
Kayak trailers are also a good transporting option. They let you transport a kayak at waist height. They also offer easy loading and unloading of the boat. Another advantage of using a kayak trailer is some models of kayak trailers let people transport multiple kayaks in one go. Kayak trailers like Malone kayak trailers and Yakima kayak trailers are widely popular. The only problem with kayak trailers is that they are expensive. But, if you have bucks, like kayak roof racks, kayak trailers are also fantastic kayak transporting options.

Transporting Kayaks in an Affordable Way
If you have no budget at all to purchase a kayak roof rack or a trailer, that’s not a big issue. Believe it or not, you have still a way out. Though not a convenient way, but you can still carry your kayak by strapping it with a car roof rack. Place a cloth on the car top before tying down a kayak on your cartop to protect your vehicle from scrapping. Another thing checks with your state’s law regarding boat transportation on car top. Tie-down a kayak on car top is the most budget-friendly way to transport a kayak.

Converting a Boat Trailer Into a Kayak Trailer
It is a DIY process to transport a kayak. Modify a boar trailer to a custom made kayak trailer. Since it’s a DIY process, a custom-built kayak tailor is far less inexpensive than purchasing a kayak trailer. For a DIY project like this what you need to do purchasing a boat trailer with high loading capacity, some steel nuts, bolts, paint, and pipe. Boat trailers come with tiny tires. To replace original tires with lug tires and wheels. Finally, you needed to purchase a cargo box as well to complete building a custom kayak trailer. The total cost of this DIY project will be not more than $600.

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