16 December, 2020

[Christmas Special] Purple Cane Tea-rific Gift + Recipe

Christmas is all about feasting and gathering with friends and family, isn't it? As much as we love the Christmas BBQ dinners and festive desserts, it is important for us to stay healthy through this season. How about sending some healthy gifts to your friends while enjoying some TEA-rific beverages together? 

*Limited Edition* Purple Cane TEA-rific Christmas Giftbox 

Purple Cane Christmas gift box is a perfect option for healthy goers and tea lovers, as you get to choose from 4 types of Cane's tea and have them wrapped in the limited edition tea-rific gift box that comes with a personalised greeting card for only RM15. 

Cane's Green Tea: The most natural anti-oxidant beverage you can get which in turn strengthens our body constitution.
Cane's Slimtee: For the best of beauty and health.
Cane's White Tea: To promote metabolism, beauty and fairness of skin.
Cane's Puer Tea: To aid digestion and maintain body shape and overall well-being.

Here are the 6 types of gift bundles available this Christmas...

Set A: 康氏雙盒送保濕噴霧器 Cane's Twin Pack

This is the basic gift bundle I choose, which comes with two packs of teas and
a 300ml humidifier worth RM45.90.

Set B: 康氏綠茶+玻璃保溫組 Cane's Green Tea & Glass Warmer Teapot Set

This is also something I'd go for as this exquisite Glass Warmer Teapot Set looks like something I'd like to add into my collection. Ideal for brewing loose tea leaves and flower tea. 

Set C: 工藝花茶雙盒裝 Blooming Tea Twin Pack

If your girl friends love flowers, why not get some edible flowers? With this set, you can watch the flower tea bloom in front of your eyes and enjoy soothing flavours of the tea after that. 

Set D: 菊花玫瑰茉莉花茶配套 Flower Tea Trio Pack

They have something for true flower lovers too. Grab the Flower Tea Trio Pack which comes with 1 box of Baby Chrysanthemum (50g), 1 box Deep Crimson Roses (16g), and 1 box Jasmine Green Tea (75g).

Set E: 特级茶雪糕套组 Tea+ Premium Ice Cream Bundle

It is a big surprise to see Purple Cane collaborating with Crème De La Crème (CDLC) for some artisanal tea flavoured ice creams in a bundle set. Visit https://teaplus.oddle.me/ now for more exclusive choices.

 Mulan Red Black Tea
 Longan Oolong Tea
 Lei Cha Soya

Set F: 巧克力&冷萃套组 Love18 Chocolate & Tea+ Cold Brew Set

How about dark chocolates and tea? Sounds good? Perfect gift during this season too. Available in 2 combo sets, it is available at Tea+ The Gardens and Love18 webpage. 

 Combo #1 - Cold Brew Jasmine & Rose Tea + 70% Bitter Sweet Dark Chocolate
 Combo #2 - Cold Brew Lychee Black Tea + 70% Bitter Sweet Dark Chocolate

Totally depending on your preference, I am sure the gift will be a great surprise for your loved ones. Not only that, Purple Cane also shares with us some healthy Christmas Tea Recipes for our festive gatherings with friends and family. 

Honeylicious Green Tea Fruit Punch (水果绿茶)

1. Cut all the fruits into cubes / slices. 
2. Prepare a pot of hot water, and put in Cane's Green Tea.
3. Put in the fruits into the pot of tea and infuse for 10 minutes.
4. Add honey / syrup and lemon juice (according to your liking) and stir well before consuming. 

My favourite is the DIY fruit punch which is super easy to prepare at home. Just two bags of Purple Cane's green tea with a combination of fruits (apple, pear, orange, lemon juice and honey) - and voila~ the fruit infused green tea is ready to be served with any cakes or snacks. Perfect for a healthy afternoon tea for both young and old! 

Sour Plum Chrysanthemum White Tea (酸梅菊花白茶)
Enjoy the thirst-quenching sparkling white tea, chrysanthemum and sour plums!

Honey Rose Puer Tea (玫瑰普洱蜜)
Calm your mind and senses with the soothing combination of Purple Cane Puer Tea, 
deep crimson rose and honey. 

Let Purple Cane Tea adds warmth to this Christmas season and enjoy the great moments with your loved ones! Stay healthy, and stay TEA-rific in the brand new year ahead! 

For more information, please visit: 
Instagram: @purplecane_tea

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