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13 April, 2021

Vingz Launches New Daily Nutritional Drinks, V-amp

Let's stay healthy and stay beautiful from inside out!

If you are a health conscious, then you are at the right page because I have a holistic wellness and lifestyle solution to share with you that can help to enhance your quality of life from inside out. 

If you do not already know about Ving Voiz Sdn Bhd aka Vingz, it is a health supplement brand that focuses on 100 % natural formulation, non-GMO ingredients, and cruelty-free concept. 

Coupled with collaborations with top scientists and R&D expertise, the brand aims to boost healthcare and lifestyle standards for people from all walks of life as it believes that every individual deserves the right to attain personal growth, wealth  and the desired lifestyle . 

Founder and President of Vingz, Li Sun Liong and the co-founders, Agnes Seow and Sharon Koay.

Under the leadership of the trio, Ving Voiz strives to Enhance, Empower, Elevate, Engage and Enrich all aspects of life by producing only the best and most trusted natural wellness products, and also helps to empower business owners and leaders by uncovering potentials and uplifting them to rise above and beyond their specialized training. 
We are here to celebrate the launch of Vingz's new product, V-amp,
the new daily nutritional nourishment that stimulates gut health

V-amp is packed with patented formulas and premium ingredients such as Promitor (prebiotic), Sunfiber (prebiotic), DigeZyme (enzyme), Berries, Bifidobacterium Longum (probiotic), Dandelion Extract, Lotus leaf Extract, and Aloe Vera Powder. All you need is just 1 sachet before bedtime. 

The method employed in the extraction and purification processes guaranteed the retention of the highest quality and purest nutritional essence from natural sources. This powerful formulation harnesses the full nourishment of the ingredients to maintain the general good health, stability, and balance of our multiple body systems.

❤ Improve digestive and excretory systems
❤ Promote detoxification
❤ Enhance metabolism
❤ Improve cardiovascular health
❤ Boost immune system

Vingz's star product - Finer Dawn and Finer Dusk,
a proprietary dual supplement created based on the body's natural circadian rhythm
to help energise your body for daytime and relax it at nighttime. 

While we focus on consuming the right product, let's also take good care of our health by doing exercises. The launch event features a Zumba Fitness Session with Dr. Alex Phang, Zumba Jammer, and Founder of Z Fit Dance Fitness. 

Feel free to visit Vingz Hub @ Ving Voiz Sdn Bhd at Pusat Perdagangan Bandar
to find out more about the products and potential business opportunities.

For more information about Vingz and V-amp, please visit:
Instagram: @vingz_style

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