25 May, 2022

[BEAUTY] Review: Melix Autumn Breeze Hair Care and Scalp Care

I have been a happy user of Melix haircare products for two years now, and I love how the various types of Melix products are all made of natural extracts and certified by SGS test. Their products are not only gentle to our scalp and skin, but also safe to be used by pregnant women and babies.

❤ No silicone
❤ No artificial colouring
❤ No mineral oil
❤ No heavy metals
❤ No parabens

This time, I am happy to try out different sets of Melix haircare to improve my scalp and hair condition. If you have chemically-treated hair (coloured / permed) and your scalp usually gets oily within 24 hours and after styling, then let’s try out the Autumn Breeze series from Melix Malaysia. It is suitable for every hair type, especially chemically-treated hair and sensitive scalp!

Autumn Breeze  (500ml) (秋枫发浴) (Link)
Autumn Breeze Conditioner (500ml) (秋枫发膜) (Link)

Autumn Breeze shampoo and conditioner duo is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, most importantly it helps to lock in the color as well. As it is made of natural plant extracts, the shampoo and conditioner are very gentle and non-irritating on the scalp. Hence, it is especially suitable for sensitive, coloured or permed hair.

I love how the Melix Autumn Breeze shampoo and conditioner are made of different natural ingredients that specialise in promoting color moisture and color locking for the hair. After using them myself, my hair color is able to stay longer while the tresses become smoother and more manageable. 

Apple Stem Cell Tonic (苹果干细胞头皮滋养液) (Link)

If you are experiencing embarrassing moments with itchy, flaking scalp, then this scalp saviour is something you need for its anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and anti-aging benefits. 

How to Use:
Spray tonic on scalp and massage gently for better absorption. Then dry your hair completely and massage your scalp with a wooden comb.

Once I try it on my sensitive scalp, I can feel an instant relief on my scalp - so cooling and breezy. By improving the scalp situation, it also helps to combat hair fall or aging issue, and promote healthy hair growth.  

Ginseng Scalp Essence (人参头皮养护精华) (10ml) (Link) 

While you can use the hair tonic on its own, it also pairs well with the Ginseng Scalp Essence for its benefits of anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating hair follicles and nourishing scalp. Highly recommended for those who have dry, sensitive scalp and hair loss issue. 
How to Use:
❤ Apply directly onto scalp and massage gently; or
❤ Spray tonic on scalp and massage gently for better absorption. Then directly squeeze the scalp essence onto scalp and massage gently with fingertips / Massage Comb for better absorption.

The gel-like scalp essence absorbs easily into the scalp and gives a pleasant cooling sensation. Just a few drops will work wonder in soothing the scalp! Definitely a must-have item to avoid hair loss problem.

After using Melix haircare for some time now, it gives me a boost of confidence without having to worry about dry, frizzy hair and unhealthy scalp anymore! 

Melix hair care products are available at Melix online store: https://bit.ly/39Kc0TK
You can get a free consultation with Melix scalp experts: m.me/melixmalaysia

For more information, please visit:

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