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27 October, 2022

「臺灣食品連環購」快閃活動 Taiwan Food Tour Pop-Up Event @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

I miss Taiwan! How about you? 

One of my most favourite things to do in Taiwan is food hunting! From night markets to restaurants, there are so many types of food to explore in Taiwan. Not forgetting to mention the Taiwanese delicacies that we can bring home as souvenirs. 

Here's the good news for you: Taiwan Food Tour Pop-Up Event is happening now at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, First Floor Centre Court (Old Wing, near to Hooga). from 26 - 30 October 2022. You can enjoy over hundred types of F&B products and experience the different flavours of Taiwan here!

This event is led by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and the TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) following the launch of the “Taiwan Food Tour Go” in August 2022. 

Address by Mr James Chang,
Director of Economic Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia 
馬來西亞台北經濟文化辦事處經濟組 章遠智組長致詞 

Taiwanese food is known the world over for their focus on sustainability, natural ingredients, safety, freshness and wholesome good taste. According to Mr James Chang, Taiwan brings to the table diverse tastes and beautiful packaging. Food shows and booths for Taiwanese foods, vegetables and fruits are frequently held in supermarkets and malls across Malaysia, and the products are generally well-received by Malaysian consumers. There is long-term development potential of Taiwanese food products in Malaysia and plenty of business opportunities to be tapped.

Chang added that the organisers hopes that this pop-up event will generate valuable feedback and references for Taiwanese companies thinking of venturing into the Malaysian market. He is confident that, like himself, many Malaysian consumers are looking forward to having more Taiwanese delicacies in Malaysia.

Address by Mr. Lin Kai Min,
National President of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Malaysia
馬來西亞臺灣商會聯合總會 林凱民總會長致詞

It's time for the food tour!

Taiwan has long been famous for its teas, pineapple tarts and boba milk tea, and this event is the perfect opportunity to discover the next big hit. Amongst the 25 selected Taiwanese food & beverage companies which set up its pop up shop here, they showcase the products of 5 main categories: health boosting food, prepared food, condiments, beverages and snacks.

The featured products include:
❤ iTi Superior Taste Award winning Xiluo Datong Soy SauceChien Hsiang Alkaline Water, and Yuan Long Tang teas,
❤ Taiwan’s leading exported sesame oil from Flavor Full,
❤ Winter melon tea brick from Lao Tao Ke,
❤ 100% additive-free dried fruits from Chao Hsiang
❤ Taiwanese rice cakes from Hahn Shyuan,
❤ Agricultural products from Chen Jiah Juang,
❤ Plant-based meat from Hoya Foods,
❤ Canned foods from Hung Chan Food.

FUN TW- Pineapple Cake (瘋台味-鳳梨酥) by
Huang Ju Food International Co., Ltd. (皇聚食品國際有限公司)

My personal favourite! With the buttery pastry skin with fibrous pineapple filling, 
every bite reminisces the traditional Taiwanese taste.

Wide variety of Vegan Jerky (植物肉乾) by
Hung Yang Foods Co., Ltd (弘陽食品股份有限公司)

HOYA uses professional meat-making technology, with selected non-GMO plant-based meat, special recipe and flavours from fresh basil. My personal favourite is the Lemon Teriyaki flavour!

Various flavours of Rice Cake (鹹酥鍋粑) by
Hahn Shyuan Food Factory Co., Ltd. (漢軒食品廠股份有限公司)

Taitung-Red Quinoa Rice Popcorns, Egg Rolls and Strip Biscuits by
Obama Food Co., Ltd. (歐巴螞食品有限公司)

Exclusively made with Taitung’s native red quinoa. So fragrant, crispy and healthy!

Taiwan Sweet Dried Pineapple, Mango and Roselle by
Blossom Fortune Ltd. (瑞馥有限公司)

100% natural fruit, sugar free, naturally sweet, yummy and fresh!
No added preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

Assam Milk Tea (阿蕯姆奶茶) by
T.Grand International Co., Ltd (匯竑國際股份有限公司)
ASSAM milk tea uses authentic Assam black tea leaves and aromatic cream that create a unique ASSAM milk tea. Also available in many flavours.

Various types of Alkaline Water by
Chieh Hsiang Enterprise Co., Ltd. (健翔興業股份有限公司)
A water characterized by its low sodium content and the presence of minerals, suitable for anyone who has a thirst for life.

Black Truffle and Mushroom Soup, Tom Yum Goong, Pumpkin and Walnut Soup by
Hung Chan Food Biotech Co.,Ltd (鴻展食品生技股份有限公司)

It takes only two minutes to enjoy delicious, hearty bowl of soup! How convenient it is.

Wide variety of Vermicelli by
Sunright Foods Corporation (日正食品工業股份有限公司)

Crispy Fish Skin by
TuanShih Ltd. (團時有限公司)
This is seriously so addictive! It uses only cod fish skin as its main ingredient to keep the flavours flesh and unique. Coupled with the impeccable roasting skill, it is a delicious yet low-calorie snack to die for!

Black Soy Bean Sauce and Chilli Soy Sauce Paste by
Siluo Ta-Tung Soya Sauce Co., Ltd. (西螺大同醬油股份有限公司)

Spicy Bean Curd, Pineapple Bean Curd and Plum Bean Curd (豆腐乳) by
Zhen Sheng Food Co., Ltd. (正昇食品有限公司)

Made of non-genetically modified soya bean, a specialty of Sichuan, that makes the bean curds extra tasty, this product is free of preservatives and can be eaten directly with rice porridge. Bean curds are added as condiment to flavor stir-fried or braised leafy green vegetables. Fermented bean curds can also be used as a sauce for hot pot dishes such as lamb or duck hot pot.

Mulberry Juice, Passion Fruit Juice and Mulberry Jam from
Chen Jiah Juang Natural Agriculture Co., Ltd. (陳稼莊自然農業有限公司)

100% fruit juice with no added sugar;
Just enjoy the natural flavours!

Ring Toss Game

In addition to the tasting event, the organiser has also come up with a fun ring toss game with attractive prizes to be won. Each participant is given three rings to toss. Land at least two rings on the same brand to win prizes!

During the opening ceremony of the event, cooking influencer Coco Lim demonstrated how she combines Taiwanese and Malaysian ingredients to whip up a mouth-watering spread of Taiwanese afternoon delights with a Malaysian twist. Her innovative creations include the caviar roti canai, Taiwanese-Nyonya fusion kueh flavoured with HomeBrown’s Relish Mixed Nuts & Multiple Grain Powder, ChenFarm pure passion fruit juice, and Lao Tao Ke’s winter melon tea brick

So, do check out the Taiwanese F&B offerings here with your friends and family!

This five-day Taiwan Food Tour Pop-Up event is located in the
1 Utama Shopping Centre, First Floor Centre Court (Old Wing, near to Hooga).

For more information, please visit the event website at:

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