02 November, 2022

[FOOD] Sensen Sushi @ Jonetz by Don Don Donki, Sunway Pyramid

Welcome to the sushi galore at Sensen Sushi by Jonetz by Don Don Donki! 

Sensen Sushi, the latest sushi bar opened by Jonetz by Don Don Donki is here in Sunway Pyramid! It specialises in Nigiri Sushi, Gunkan and Sushi Rolls so you can just sit back and enjoy a wholesome Japanese sushi bar experience here. 

Some of the house specialty sushi here include Seared Wagyu, Conger Eel, Ootoro with Urchin topping, Toro Salmon with Salmon Roe, Fresh Urchin with Salmon Roe and Japanese Scallops. 

At the entrance, you will be greeted with a grab-and-go sushi bar counter.
For dine-ins, you can make your way into the restaurant instead.

The restaurant exudes true Japanese vibes, especially with the wooden carvings and use of Japanese wave patterns. And I notice how much they emphasise on freshness in all the food served here. 

The ordering process is seamless and quick as you can browse through the menu on the touchpad here.

For the base of the sushi, Sensen uses only Japanese rice which is specially mixed with some secret sushi vinegar which makes the rice more tender and tastes better as we chew. We notice the color of the sushi rice is slightly more yellowish as compared to the usual white rice. In fact, it already tastes amazing even on its own.  

Tuna Trio @ RM 21.80

My No.1 favourite!  The bluefin tuna here is carefully selected amongst the finest options available. The taste is characterised by its high quality fat, that's why I love Otoro (richest and fattest part of a tuna!) more than Chutoro, which is so smooth and melty on the palate. 

Shrimp Trio (Sweet Shrimp, Shrimp and Red Shrimp) @ RM 10.80

The shrimp / ebi sushi is equally fresh and gives a nice crunch on the palate too.

Conger Eel @ RM 17.80

Unlike the usual Unagi we usually find in other Japanese restaurants, Sensen serves Anago here instead. It is leaner than unagi, and instead boasts a sweet, delicate flavour. I personally enjoy its soft, buttery texture very much. 

Japanese Scallop @ RM 8.80

Another must-order item in Sensen! Highly recommended for its fresh, juicy goodness.

Don't forget to check out Tomita Seimai located next to Sensen Sushi for
its wide variety of authentic handmade onigiri made from premium quality Japanese rice too.

And after a heavy meal...it is always a good idea to walk around Don Don Donki
and bring your favourite Japanese goodies home.

So, come visit Sensen Sushi with your friends and family for the freshest sushi in town!

Sensen Sushi @ Jonetz by Don Don Donki, Sunway Pyramid
F1.39B, First Floor, Ice Skating Rink,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Sunway City,
47500 Selangor.

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