04 November, 2023

[Food Review] Sushi Kyuu by Shunsui @ City Gate

I have been hunting for some great value-for-money Japanese omakase course in town, and I found Sushi Kyuu by Shunsui which has recently opened its second outlet in City Gate (opposite Nicoll Highway MRT)!

If you do not already know, Sushi Kyuu is part of the Shunsui Group, a sister restaurant of 5-time Michelin Plate awardee between 2018-2023, Kappo Shunsui

It is our first time immersing in such an intimate omakase experience at Sushi Kyuu. With only 10 seats, it definitely gives a truly personalized, exclusive dining experience.

Here you can choose from various omakase course menus:

❤ Sushi Kyuu Tasting Course ($69++) at 5pm  
❤ Sushi Kyuu Omakase Course ($129++) at 6:15pm / 8:15pm
❤ Sushi Kyuu Premium Omakase Course ($159++) at 6:15pm / 8:15pm

--- Special promotion! ---

You can enjoy special promotional price now for the Omakase menus:
❤ Sushi Kyuu Omakase Course ($99++ promo price)  
❤ Sushi Kyuu Premium Omakase Course ($129++ promo price)  

*Available at all seating timings, except 8:15pm slots on Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holiday..
*Promo is only valid for specified reservation timings. For a limited time only.

We had the Premium Omakase Course which came with 23 courses altogether - specially curated by the chef with exquisite detail on every dish despite the surprisingly friendly price point. It was such an irresistibly good deal! 

Siphone Dashi Soup

The omakase course started with a pleasant surprise - the Siphone Dashi Soup made with kombu and dried bonito flakes, where the earthy, citrus tones are well-infused into the concoction using a hot infusion siphon at the table. 

Corn Vinegar Jelly 
(a cold scallop starter with dashi jelly vinaigrette)

Nama Yuba | Ankimo
(Silky bean curd skin, followed by monkfish liver served with thinly sliced scallions and ponzu sauce)

Flounder Sashimi 

Amongst the stars of the evening is the sliced flounder sashimi which can be served in 3 ways: (1) Add a drizzle of lime juice onto the fish; (2) Rub the fish with a dash of salt; and (3) Enjoy with a dollop of soy sauce foam. Personally I love how a little salt elevates the natural oceanic sweetness of the flounder! 

Madai | Shimaaji
(Sea bream | Striped jack - Lovin' the firm, springy texture!)

Ika | Mekajiki
(Squid with sesame sprinkles | Swordfish)

(Torched Spanish mackerel)

Chawanmushi with Fresh Seaweed

The simple steamed egg custard is enhanced by the braised fresh seaweed,
lending a strong hint of umami taste to it. Delicious!

Unagi Sando
(Grilled egg sandwiched between Japanese rice on a piece of seaweed)

Akami Zuke | Chutoro | Otoro
(Tuna of 3 different levels of fattiness)

If you are a fan of fatty tuna, you'd love it!
I enjoy every piece of the tuna that gives a beautiful contrasting texture and flavour. 

Ebi | Aji
(Prawn | Japanese horse mackerel)

The premium prawn is extra crunchy and sweet, while the sharp flavour of the
Japanese horse mackerel is nicely cut through by the spring onion and ginger.

Uni Roll | Toro Taku Maki with seasonal pickles

The hand roll topped with a luscious layer of uni is the bomb!

Overflowing Ikura Rice

The showstopper - Overflowing Ikura Rice - a signature item in the Shunsui Group is one of my favourites of the evening. The chef even fills the mini pot of rice with golden ikura right in front of the diners!

Monaka Ice Cream
Here comes the sweet ending of Sushi Kyuu premium omakase menu.

Overall, the omakase experience here indeed offers great value for money as we get to savour the freshest, high-quality ingredients at sincere prices. While the menus change with the season's offerings, most of the ingredients here are flown from Japan for guaranteed freshness. 

寿司 九 | Sushi Kyuu By Shunsui

Reservation: linktr.ee/sushikyuu

Available at 2 locations:
Orchard Plaza (#03-55)
*NEW* City Gate (#02-54)

Business hours:
5pm - 11pm
Tuesday - Sunday
Closed on Monday

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