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02 November, 2008

=DD Just reached home...
Acompanied Aunt for a haircut today...
And met Miss Juliet there xDD
Chatted with her bout our dinner thingy...
*He doesn't seem to care bout it,
But most of you seem to mention it over and over again__ o.O
I felt sorry over and over again T_T"

By the way,
After Aunt had her haircut,

I felt "envy" with it that I wanted one too xDD
So this is my new hair style :)
<< Before and after >>
Short short liaooooo :) HeHe-ss

Long or short is better lerh??

Had Shanghai dumplings during my tea break (:

*From Esquire Kitchen...

Maaaaaaaaango Sago (:


Butterfly Award

The 10 Nominees :

1) Alicia

2) CheeKuan

3) Ying Xing

4) Sook Kuan

5) Li Mei

6) May Yen

7) MiNa

8) Spellie

9) YanYan

10) Tee Yen

Grats Grats ConGratx !!!

On winning d Butterfly Award ! not 0scar award xD

To the nominees :

1.Put the logo in your blog

2.Add a link to the person who awarded you

3.Nominate 10 other blogs

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Thanks ~ :)

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