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01 November, 2008

Librarian Annual Dinner ’08

“The Beauty of Nature”

Juliet’s dad fetched us there.
While in the car, hilarious things happened xDD.
Everyone was excited yet worried.
Phones kept ringing,
Made us more and more 紧张。。。
The traffic jam caused us to reach late there T_T”
Once reached, many people already reached lerh…
We have had to ask them to stay outside first,
Coz’ everything was not done yet.. @_@”
I wanted to practise the singing part,
But the adapter is spoilt.
And then the backdrop couldn’t be hung up high there.
Conclusion = kelam-kabut xDD

Presents were arranged neatly here =DD

And toys are superb =]…

FiSh + ViVi
Being the receptionists outside,
Giving out TobleroneS to them :)

WeiYing + FiSh
Before the sky became dark…

Sexy ViVi xDD
*Ask the picture from me if you want…
Don’t grab this LOL

Our so-so looking food =Xx
But the taste was great xDD

I was still eating at this moment,
But they are….
Aiks…so bored ke?

We could see KLCC from here xDD

The fantastic night scene =DD

♥♥♥ Meiiii darlingggg

=.=” I almost fell down

The perfect match

Partying on the stage
a.k.a ‘syok sendiri dulu’ xDD
Coz’ the dinner haven’t even start yet LOL

Awww….so sweet

__Our singing part__
Thanks Spell Darlingggg
for wishing me good luck :)
Thanks Hon Mun
for the flower xDD
Thanks Chin Thong
for making me less afraid on the stage =]
Thanks Keiyan, Chinthong and Boonpin
for the cooperation…
Thanks God,
for making me forgotten if I have 走音 LOL

Beauty Contest xDD
From left: Contestant No. 8, 9, 10

Being asked super-hard question by the MCs,
During the Beauty Contest of Miss Librarian 2008.

LOL Pn. Zaharah put on the thingy on the winners =DD

Miss Librarian ’08: Juliet
2nd runner up: FiSh
3rd runner up: Wenwen

LOL with Teddy + Flowers + No.9

FiSh + Form5s LengLuiiis

FiSh + WinSon
Longtimenoseeeee =D

♥♥♥ All bestiesss

__Mr. Half xDD pretending to be cool
_Ms. Justin, doing what over there? LOL

双 鱼 + ViVi + Kei Yan

全部中五的美女,除了我 xDD

Last but not least,
We still have our


_It was great… =DD
I really enjoyed myself for the whole night…
If you notice, I sang wrong song during the drama part T_T
Sorry everyone…
Then during our group singing part,
I was scared, and kept chatting with Chin Thong xDD
Thanks to you a lot :)

During Beauty Contest,
I have forgotten AGAIN if
I talk nonsense while answering questions
A lot of people were bored @_@”
I saw them sitting at the back there eating but remained silent…

After that,
Someone called me up,
Kinda talking nonsense =Xx
And I knew what you wanted,
Sorry…your desire could hardly be fulfilled =Xx

So during game time,
We let them played along with us too,
So that they get less bored.
They seemed shy =Xx
And the only prefect was noisy xDD
For teasing me non-stop…

Oh ya,
I still felt guilty for it,
For it was your first time =Xx…
Everyone saw it, I knew.
And Mr. Half still counted it for us LOL =.=”
I dare not to comment anything bout *it anyway.

Hope next year we can at least have our annual dinner =Xx
For we will be the celebrated ones… =DD

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