22 November, 2008

Ermmm practically I am introducing you this shop
IF you are not awared of it yet :)
It is just opposite the Leo's cafe in TheStore.
It is my second time of visiting it besides the day for Kang's celebration...

it is a family business,
comprises of two adults,
a VictoriaInstitution scholar,
and also a SeriSentosa girl.

*The cute name xD
And the dishes:::

Today I went there again.

Waitress: What you want?
Dad: Erm this, this and this [pointing at the menu; He ordered 4 sets of whateverchop rice]
Waitress: Ohh okayyy...
*awhile later*

Waitress: Sorry. We have only 3 bowls of here. So...would you mind to change one of the sets into noodles?
Dad: @@"
Waitress: Oh wait. I can buy rice from the opposite shop [referring to Leo's]. Nevermind, you don't have to change your order :/
Dad: Ohh okayy =.="

So this is the service? LoL. Showing that it is indeed a pretty small business @@"

The food is okayyy.
The service is also just okayyy.
But I adore it :) Idon'tknowwhy~

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