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21 November, 2008

___Picture talk on a day back to my hometown

*Woke up so early in the morning, yet I can pose with a sleepy look xD

*Maii breakfast --- the famous WanTanMee in my kampung

Then, I visited the RM2 shop AGAIN,
but too bad this time I couldn't find any Pooh&Friends UNO cards anymore :(

*The modern grandma [not mine xD] who sells veges in the market.
The reason I snapped her is arh...
She looks like the Grandmother in Madagascar2 xD!!

*Taught her to be on camera xD

Spot the fruit :)

*Something we couldn't find in KL :)

The insect that doesn't move when I have my camera so close to it xD

*The little escape...

To the vegetable farm of my grandma's =)

___Our lies now are just more sophisticated; our words to deceive, more eloquent.

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