05 November, 2008

Frog Dissecting Day ~

*Sorry Miss Frog,
we promised, we love animals :)
RM42 for 11 xDD
So expensive liao lerhhhs =Xx

Mr Lim is doing demo =DD
And explaining...
So we said,
"We all depend on you, not *someone"

Leon starts the job =DD

Continued by Fung Soon :)
*Begitu asyik dengan spesimennya xDD

And our group =DD
Thanks CeeKay for being photographer LOL!!

Giggling xDD

Let's see some comment xDD
From Mr. Monitor ==
*Sorry if it's blurred
He felt cruel and not learning anything


Got back all of the exam papers today
except BIOLOGY
We have no hopes,
let's forget bout this paper xDD

Ermmm overall is okiee ba :)

And today is great ♥♥♥
My birthday is a week away~
And I received two presents today :)
Practically they're of same type...

By the way, JM promises me himself today,
bout tie-ing himself as gift =DD
I just can't wait xDD

The first one :)

And ♥♥♥ this...

Guessing what are these???
Let's keep it as mystery :)

*Respect yourself if you want others to respect you

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