26 March, 2009

I have had an exhausting life lately.
Photographing session. Tuition replacement.
Kawad sessions. Preparation for Sports Day.
Catching up with homeworks.
Going hometown with family.
That's why I have had to blog less, eat less but sleep MORE.
Yet I am pretty satisfied with my life after the holiday (:
Everything might be a lil' hectic, but I could still manage them.
I knew keeping myself busy could help to get rid of unnecessary things.
And I need not to think bout it when I am not able to even spare some time thinking bout it.

I am pretty convinced by what Jun said xD.
Joining the competition.
Genting Highlands.
Jungle trekking.

I want it! But the time doesn't allow me to :(

*Lving me is not everything :) Leaving me alone perhaps is a better choice?

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