23 March, 2009

*The little pictures I placed on my pink-wrapped table.

And after a week of holiday,
Now that everything is gone :(

It hadn’t really gone missing.
My desk was found in 5F, thanks so much to Serena for shifting it back to my place :)
Then I found that the pink wrapper is all wet, although I have plastic wrapper covering it. Soaking in the dampness for a whole week, the colour of photos has smeared and the pictures now are no longer ‘pictures’ T_T.

Sadly everything had to be removed.
The faces of Keiiyan, Vivian, Limei, Spell, Fungsoon, Cheekuan, Sis and Mum are no longer there. The photo with the teacher was lost too :( [Who bothers to STEAL pictures from people's place huh? o.O]

I am afraid if it happens again during the next holiday,
Do you think I should re-wrap my desk and place the pictures of memories there again?

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