09 April, 2009

家家有本难念的经~ 可能你我一直都不明白对方的难处吧。

04 09 09

During the assembly today, I heard the announcement that there will be a short meeting during recess for all photographers and reporters. I got anxious all in a sudden because I don't wish to have any meeting with them anymore T_T! I knew yesterday I had already told them whatever I needed to. Whether to change or to leave, it is completely your choice. Somehow I heard from Miss Liew that you didn't have to leave because we MIGHT soon kick you off. Awww.

Mei: "Har?? Kick him? Ermmm give him a chance lerh."
Teacher: "If he doesn't change, we would not keep people who only give trouble to others."

So this time I have no rights to say anything ×.×

I met this guy today--- from afternoon session. I remembered he told me that he wanted to help collecting money and pictures for us for the whole afternoon session. I did not really agree BUT today he told me that he HAD collected some @_@!

Can you see the point now? It is obvious--- someone who only knows us as the librarians or as the seniors, is willing to do tasks for us, with no condition! But yet there are people who act in completely a different way? Anyway thanks to this good boy xD. Hope you do really help us.

Chemistry extra class today.
It was tiring, because glad to see so many supporters of Miss Sim.
Hope to cope with the newly-introduced chapters in order to pass this upcoming exam!

Exam: 2 more days to go ×.×

P/S: I am excited over CBD!

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