13 April, 2009

04 13 09

Happy Birthday to Bestie Carmen!
It's the 5th year of friendship (:
And I heart you all the time!
P/S: I am immensely sorry that I could not make it for your birthday party

Today I told Pn. Fadilah that I have collected RMxxxx.00 for all the photographs, and everything went pretty well except for some =X Some lost their photos, some refused to pay, some told me to get from the other person while that person pointed me elsewhere ==

She wanted me to get EVERYTHING done by this Wednesday, which is almost impossible! I told her what was the problem [hoping that she would understand] but in fact she replied, "Saya pun pening lar, cepat-cepat siapkanlah, kenapa tak boleh pulak?"

Awww. How inconsiderate. I didn't even have time to study when I am actually always up to this job! *Sigh* God, please help xD!


04 12 09

Stupid classes I had again.
Nothing actually went wrong on that day.
BUT there was something...
I finally met her!
No comment on who is she, how does she look like or how does she act like. I can only see the happiness in his eyes, and that’s what I actually care about, all these times.

I knew you were happy with *this.
I knew I could soon get used to *this.
I must turn over a new leaf towards you once again.

04 11 09

An indeed stupid Saturday I had ==
Went to school for exam, and got my Dad to send me home right after the BM exam. Usually when we want to leave school early, we had to get a letter [or form] from the teacher on-duty. Pn. Tan was the one I should look for, but she was frantically busy at that time. *Someone pushed me to find the headmistress to get the permission to leave early.

OmG! And she made me got scolded by the headmistress T_T!
She said, "Tak boleh. Waktu persekolahan adalah sehingga pukul 12.30pm. Walaupun parents anda sudah tiba, anda masih tidak boleh meninggalkan kawasan sekolah sebelum pukul 12.30!"

My dad had to wait till the headmistress went down for Maulidur Rasul thingy, so that we could get permission from other teachers to leave. Oh yes I just wanted not to go against the rules BUT it is actually troublesome to obey the rules right? =X

And I have missed the first lesson of tuition classes ):

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