27 August, 2009

Happie Sweetttttttttt 17 to
Bestie Kum Kei Yan aka Kamkuii aka Rubber :D

.it was the most recent time I went out shopping with her.

Let me begin this with a short story (:

Form 1 (2005):

Laugh, laugh, laugh!
I know Spellman loves mentioning bout this photo SO MUCH.
Now I allow you to laugh out as loud as you want (:

We were all new in SMKBBSP and she came in with her primary school friends. Before I met her, I was pretty close to her friend, Zie Yie. She was the one introducing me to Kei Yan.

Soon the friendship grew and we started texting a lot. That’s when I switched from using 012 to being a DiGi user :)

Form 2 (2006):

Became besties :) We told each other almost everything--- bout the backstabbers [Remember how were we unhappy about them?], boyfriends, school… And we became probationary librarians together too.

Form 3 (2007):

Librarian annual dinner (:

Sat in 3G with her; we always chatted and laughed so loudly with Syazwan and Faiz until Pn. Aishah loved scolding us, “Ei anak dara mana boleh ketawa macam ni?”

We were labeled as KFC [KumkeiyanFongszehuiCheongyanhui] and SKY [SzehuiKeiyanYanhui] because we were never separated wherever we go.

Form 4 (2008):

Entered Science stream together, being in the same class with new people (: There was once that she cried because of me. I was unaware that I didn’t reply her messages lately until she thought I did it on purpose :( Finally I apologized and sent her lots of comments in Friendster.

Form 5 (2009):

Genting : Our first overnight trip (:

We kissed recently ; it had been quite some time since our last kiss. Hahas. I remembered the previous one was during Chin Thong’s birthday party las tyear.

And nowadays I do hear rumours saying that we are not close like last time anymore. Flowers, I do believe will wilt sometimes but it will grow healthily if we put in our love and care.

The strong bond of friendship will not be easily broken
The five years (overall): Thanks for wiping my tears whenever I was down.

I love you, Kei Yan!

And this time is the fifth year we celebrate the birthday together.
Thanks Carolyn, Joeyc and Vivian for getting the pressies.
Thanks Kheng Yang and Lip Kin for going around in search of that restaurant.
Thanks Keith for providing the contact numbers of the restaurant.
Thanks KuiSeong, JiaMeng, Leon and Khengyang for the "service" :X

Kei Yan,
Hope you appreciate and enjoy this year :)


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