21 August, 2009

Friday ; The final day of school before the school break.

Dim sum !!!

Friday is supposed to be a school day. But since every teacher was telling us not to come today, I skipped school =X However, I still need to wake up early in the morning just to have this for breakfast with friends (:

was waiting for Turtle to come and fetch me while Yeewen rang me up and Ms. Liew texted me. Both were telling me to go to school at that moment because there were events going on in this very morning. *sigh* And I, on the other hand, was afraid to ffk Turtle again T_________T So had no choice, but told Keith to do the job on my behalf at that moment.

Oh ya, thanks Jia Meng for saving me that time!
He lent his camera to Ms. Liew so that she can take photographs of the event by herself there.

9 of us: Keiyan, Lipkin, Kuiseong, I, Vivian, Soonyuen, Kenmeng, Khengyang and Jiaying

A breakfast costs us RM83. Hahas, what a nice number. Not really expensive actually coz’ usually when I eat with family, it is already more than RM10 per head (:

Jeffrey ; One of the contestants ; Also a P.A. on-duty member

After the breakfast, it was already 10 o’clock = =” We spent really lots of time at that Dimsum Restaurant. Rushed to school, thanks for fetching me (: Changed my clothes to Editorial Tee so that nobody would scold me =X. Once reached school, I went to help DaddyLoke with his documentation thingy that I promised. And it was just in the nick of time that the singing competition started.

Awww... Sick ; But still singing (:
Good job, Zainul!

Sorry for the blurring hands =X!
Aliya invited Pn. Sawiyah onto the stage for a sing-along session,
and this is one part of the creativity. Hopefully this duet team can win (:

Sorry Chinthong coz' your face is blur too =X
They're all so spiritful (:

Good coordination. I love Meiii's cheongsam!
I bet this team would SURELY win (:
Yeaaaa I didn't know the results yet.

And 5F!
Their tee is cool, isn't it? :)
I focus on Jiameng and Leon when they went up to the stage,
coz' they are so near to the camera LOL!

I actually sat on that P.A. members bench for the whole session. And now that I realize it is tough to do this job. It is much tougher than I have ever imagined and my photography duty is much easier than this. How can you juggle the workload of both things at the same time? That’s why I choose to take photographs today instead of allowing you to do both.

They scolded you, I can tell that it is NOT entirely your fault. Being the head is not everything that teachers can put their blames on. And I do hope you can get over it soon

Smile is always the best remedy (:

♥ 你说过牵了手就算约定,但亲爱的那并不是爱情。

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