06 August, 2009

Thursday A camwhoring day.

:D More pictures, less talk!
Here we go!

(: Sorry Socks for the delay of pictures…
Photographer: JoeyC
People, you may grab all the pictures you want!

:D Our school has beautiful, picturesque morning scenery.

Ignore History!!! =X
The talk is boring, don't you think so?

:) Dumped the old Bitbit hanger I had.
Waved goodbye to the past.
Ignored your existence in the walk of my life.

Lovely socks, with Ms. Sim at the corner of the picture xD

Pretending not to smile?

Us! 3 librarians versus 3 lengluiis!

In correct arrangement this time!

I loveee you, Babymina!

*electric struck* is happening =X

Oppps, Kids out there, DO NOT Learn from us =X!!

And… don’t learn him too =X

I heart all of youuu, sweeties!

♥ In the name of love ; and you’re angry with me. Does it worth?

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