04 August, 2009

Let’s start the day with photo shooting!

Ikan bilis : I am in hormonal imbalance lately.

And suddenly fall in love with things that I have always hated, and hate things that I have always craved for.

And I bet I should announce that my day to tuition classes has become a shopping trip.
I love to buy, buy, buy, purchase, purchase and purchase once my class ends.

Am addicted to these lately! Spot the flying fish :D

5G people love to eat [not all, but MOST xD!] Even Kwanyew couldn’t stop the urge and ate in class xD.

Sis brought me to the hypermarket after picking me up from tuition center. We shopped for food, like aunties! :D But when we proceeded to the cashier counter, we were referres as JUNKIES = =”

Fat, fat, fat. Go away! =X

Finally found this!

I remembered how many pimples I had when I was in Form 1. It was four years ago and soon everything returned to normal. But now the pimples reappear! T______________T maybe I am not hygienic enough to shoo the acne away :(

:D Thanks Smellysocks for introducing this product to me!

Nexcare, yellow packets at only RM9.90 for 36 pieces!

Just apply a piece of ‘sticker’ onto the pimple, and everything will go off in just a small matter of time!

Manufacturing date: 9 April 2009
Expiry date: 14 April 2008

How can this happen? =X
Hope this mistake has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

-The bottle-

♥ Broken ; can you heal it? :(

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