19 August, 2009

Wednesday; another day of randomness :)
At least it is a smiling day

[Sorry for the BLUR images today = =]

I prayed since last night that it would rain
early in the morning today so that I can wear tee to school
instead of the full PBSM uniform.
:( Too bad the God hates me being a bad student.

The blueberry cheesy piece
Started off the day with a very fattening breakfast,
I loved Socks’ cheese cake so much that I start to get obsessed over it = =

Oh food ; I could not resist it!

Ignorance is obviously not bliss to her.

I felt pretty bad for her,
Because she was upset that nobody bothers to ever listen to her during class.
And I, too, skipped her class today for some reasons---
Partly for photographing during the poem-reciting event, partly not (:

Mr. How always has bad impression towards masks for how they look like = ="

Like any ordinary day,
Mum went to the market today.
“Market” is always the best place for aunties to do gossiping,
and Mum heard from them that
there’s a confirmed case of H1N1 in our school!

He is from 1G, an afternoon session student.
Honestly I hate wearing mask,
The principal was right---
I was one of the stupid ones
who think that wearing mask makes people look fugly!

Safety is still far from the first priority in my heart.

A lot of people of 5G will not be coming tomorrow,
should I skip school too?
♥ Chrysanthemum; Thanks a lot.

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