12 August, 2009

Wednesday: Life's never tardy (:

At my study desk --- finally managed to get myself some beads of my own name.
May my life be as colorful as this

The muddy ground ):

It is the long long long rainy day that caused the gloominess in me. Frankly I hate rain when the downpour happened exactly at the moment I needed to get myself up from the bed. I woke up early in the morning and didn’t feel like going to school. I felt really uncomfortable as if something was bugging my mind.

Since I was feeling moody for that moment, *someone talked to me about principles of life
[ it was supposed to be in Chinese, but I translated it (: ]:

When you’re pointing as someone,
the other three fingers are actually pointing back at yourself

This means that whenever you backstab others,
you yourself will get all the blessings misfortune you deserved.
And that’s why I’m proud to always be in the white side, with YOU in the dark side.

Biology time. In the lab.

The number of students in class are getting lesser and lesser =X
And hence Joeyc could grab all the chairs she wanted and posed in this way xD.

And I…
= = Was caught for daydreaming.
And was busy smsing for the whole day.
Camwhoring in class.

Yes. I have nothing better to do ):

Vivian & I again xD!!

I apologize for the poor coloration. I was using an old compact camera instead of a brand-new DSLR.

The lunch. My photography skill is poor T_____________T

(: Lunched with sweetiepies today. It was the final meeting of Ping Pong club, and there would be no more staying-backs on Wednesdays. But hopefully this would NOT be the last lunch we had together (: There would be MORE chance, I believe!

Finally ; Managed to make it smaller (: Hope it suits you better.

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