23 September, 2009

Dinner with darlings

At Kuchai Entrepreneur’s Park

I saw the food review from Jian Ni’s blog last few days about this restaurant. And coincidentally we planned to go to this shop since a week ago, saying that we must celebrate Hari Raya by having a whole steamboat meal. I hope that it is not too late yet to celebrate the festive season now =)

We ordered the most basic set meal which is suitable for 3 to 5 persons.
RM 39.90 --- It is already one of the cheapest sets there.

Fresh seafood ; Look out for fish’s friend.

Get all the sauces you need =)

The left one is Kei Yan’s, while the honey milk red bean is mine.

My turn to camwhore! And was caught too :X

Cheese ball ♥♥♥
And it shapes like shit? =X
Oh the yellow soup is golden porridge soup.

And Carol is covering her face.

Followed by Vivian.

I hate the waiter for spoiling our picture =X


We left around 8.10pm.
By that time, the queue outside is already very long.
Seems like it has much more customer than my favourite steamboat restaurant,
Harbour Restaurant, the one behind SMK Seri Saujana.

Why did she look so sad?
Oh because she was angry and wanted to use the shoe to throw at people!
P/S::: =X Please don’t kill me.

There’s a saloon beside it, and we make use of the mirror there.

My two best friends are trying to have their cute pose.

Finally we managed to have our group picture :D

Carol left us for karaoke session after the meal.
We then headed to night market around Sri Petaling by cab.

HWC 4956 If you ever see this number plate of taxi on the road,
DO NOT ever go into this cab because the driver sucks :X

He brings us a whole merry-go-round through the longest path ever back to Sri Petaling,
and charged us the fare of RM 9.50.

Good night, loves!

Looking forward to:
Tomorrow’s first experience. Hope not to fall down T_T


  1. nice dinner..
    great food..
    and you certainly had fun.. =)


  2. yea i did (:
    thanks ya.
    but my pictures are not that beautiful :X so sorry


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