14 November, 2009

The birthday @ Home

The mini aquarium, with added neighbours :D

The whole yesterday was a lil’ exhausting as I was in frenzy with all the celebrations and presents. At the late night, I realize that they brought me chlorine water instead of fish food = = This means the fish has no food for the whole day.

OMG I start to be anxious and text Keiyan and Kuiseong. No reply from him after waiting for half an hour. I finally fell asleep while starving the fishes :X Early in the morning when I woke up, “Eyh, how come got so many fishes liao de??”

Dad bought more fish into the mini tank :D And an anti-bacterial tablet to purify the water, and a bottle of fish food. Dad told me those are not cheap, when after that he told me he bought 11 fishes altogether, I know it is more expensive than I thought )): I am sorry for wasting your money again.

I hope will try hard to make them survive longer here (;

“Happy 17, Fish”. The celebration at night, it was just a simple one with a cheesy blueberry cake bought by Sis. The family didn’t really take much of the cake, as it was only my favourite instead of theirs. Anyway it was nice of them to have a surprise cake for me :D

Camwhore with the cake XD! I never leave the lil’ fedora from my head for the whole night :X The family had no present for me except for cash :D Cash is oh-so-practical all the time hahas.

I also received the longest typewritten e-mail here. It was aweeeeee-some! Mr. J, I didn’t know that I did made a difference in your life :P I know you spent quite some time to work on this and… Can I have the original piece of mail? The one before editing (:

One whole year had rolled by.
It was a year ago….
When I was so excited for a Genting trip on my birthday,
and so disappointed when the date was changed.
When I had three cakes celebrating the day.
When the bunny was exactly what I wanted.
When the lovely girls weren’t here for my day T_T
When everyone was cheerful without having to worry about SPM.

Everything changed this year.
I hadn’t have my wish come true yet.

I had more darlings being by my side, sharing pain and gain.
I had new clothes to wear, new accessories, new fishes accompanying me, new bunny ring for my lil’ bunny, new people celebrating for me.
And of course,
I had the bestest thing on Earth--- FRIENDS!

:D How many of your friends would actually spend so much time on you when exam is so near? Only 5 days away, OMG. I thought it was countable with our 10 fingers. But no. There’re always MORE

What else could I say than a sincere THANK YOU?
The blessings from God I’ve received, the best thing on Earth I’ve got.
The final thing I should say, “All of you are my hundred reasons to smile!”

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