16 December, 2009

Away from Malaysia ^^

Off to Singapore for 5 days :D

Family trip. With Papa, Mama and Sissa.
I wish to buy what I always wished there T_T and some new year clothes too perhaps,
since I have no chance to get ‘em next month anymore )):

Goodbye Café World for a week
I hope to survive without “cooking” =X!

Ahahahahahs! =X I’m number 5 in his list, but is 27th in my own café neighbours lists = =
I am overly addicted into this all the time--- before, during and after SPM.


=( Rest in peace, honey

After reading Jemy’s blog, now I know that my fishies are known as blue neon tetra. One of my 7 fish has passed away because she got bitten by others which are bigger in size than her [Yes I name it a female LOL].

)): One has left. And I would be away for 5 days. How bout the other six? Seriously I am worried bout my darling fishes. I heart them lots. Do pray that they would be fine <3

Would be back on Tuesday.
Do miss the blogger.


  1. sweetheart.. i kept fishy's b4 and its a cruel world they live in.

    just make sure u hav those vacation food tablet for em during ur vacation. :D


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