22 December, 2009

Greetings from Singapore!

Welcome to ohfishiee.bs again :D
The blogger is finally back from her awesome trip and
going to fall sick soon due to lack of H2O for a whole week!

17 December 2009:

The journey started at 11.30a.m. We boarded a First Coach bus [affordable with good service!] for 5 hours to Singapore. There are foodstuff, drinks, and most importantly TV in the bus :D I managed to listen to music via the mini TV and watched Lilo & Stitch 2.

The bus made us reach Novena around 5p.m. with my Aunt awaiting us at the bus station. She brought us to The North Point Shopping Centre first, to take MRT [similar to LRT here, but can occupy more people and move faster]. I passed by Sakae Sushi :D But the price in Singapore is more expensive than the local one T_T

Mc Café :D Open for 24 hours. Why don’t we have any similar outlets here ):

From left clockwise: Xylophone; Xmas paddington; Paddington couple; kawaii snowman.

The gift houses were awesome! They made me met toys everywhere along the way to my Aunt’s house. We took 20-minutes MRT home, and reached Yishun. My following days would be at the cozy flat. There are rarely houses [terrace houses, bungalows, etc] in Singapore. Most dwellers take trains instead of driving. That’s why there were always more people on the street than on the road.

The first day was quite exhausting after travelling in the bus for the whole day; we just spent our nights having meal at the nearby shop lots. And I enjoyed playing LEGO with my little 3-and-a-half-year-old cousin. Look, I made a tree there! :D

Next update: Shopping at Orchard Road

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