14 December, 2009

Facon Edu Fair @ PWTC

The bright morning of Saturday. I skipped KDU scholarship briefings and missed KennySia’s talk just because Dad told me it was pointless to study at somewhere far with high living cost ): Even then the college marketing staff kept bugging me for the enrolment there =.=”

=) Many of us, the high school graduates paid a visit to this educational fair, seeking for the best path in life. It was held in PWTC over the weekend [I don’t get an idea why KLCC was the place printed in Seventeen for this event], attracting people with various colleges and courses around the world.

I always wanted to go into this college for it offers the best and has a platinum award in the field of accountancy. But the stunning tuition fees is beyond my affordable limit, plus the scholarship is only for students with 11A’s and A+’s [No A- in the result]. Wow. Hard to fulfill such requirement ):

Kawaii pastries!

Oh I saw SugarCraft Academy there! remember the delicious cakehouse in Sri Petaling, just opposite the Kinrara mamak corner? :D they perform their skills on the spot here!

We tried out their handsome gingerbread man there, with crème and sugar coats.
It looked awesomely cute! [But tastes so-so =X]
Vivi splitted him into half T_T
Kesian Mr. Gingerbread!

The artwork by students of the bakery academies.
These were actually their year-end project, fulfilling the seasonal theme.
They were so enchanting

After the educational fair, we proceeded to Pizza Hut. 3 of us ordered the 4 person meal =X Vivian took two bowls of soups, three and a half slices of pizza, a breadstick and two glasses of Pepsi Wow, the meal was great and I was bloated :D

End of the day.
Thanks for carrying my stuff for the whole day <3

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