27 December, 2009

Kem Paya Indah (:

Pictures are originally taken by my phone's camera
at Kem PLKN Paya Indah,
Kampung Tanjung 12, Off KM 5,
Jalan Dengkil-Banting, 43800 Kuala Langat, Selangor.

Sorry for the poor photo quality =/

Today Dad brought me to this camp; Only an hour journey from Bukit Jalil by using the Putrajaya highway. There are two guards there--- one old Malay and another young Indian. Both are quite kind for allowing us to enter the entire camp and explore :D

This is the place I’m going to stay at, starting on next week till 14th of March. The place is kinda old looking, with fading paints and not-so-well-kept grasses =X. The dormitories of Wira (males) and Wirawati (females) are completely separated with huge fences here.

Can you see the stage in front? It is used for all sorts of indoor performances, events and activities. And directly linked to the canteen. The tables are where we’re supposed to eat there. Of course chairs/benches will be provided.

One dorm is accommodated by 30 students, each provided with a bed, one pillow and a locker. So padlock becomes a must-have in the camp, so that your everything doesn’t get missing easily. The guard told us that the ‘teachers’ there will sleep at the same dorm with us.

Soon I will need to sleep on such bed for 3 months. The camp participants are really naughty for scribbling all the words on the bed frame, bed, cupboard etc. If you wanna do this too, don’t forget bringing markers of wide ranges of colours along :D

The toilet. “Mandi beramai-ramai” thingy will happen here. Guys are encouraged to bring along extra dark coloured pants while it is advisable for girls to bring along sarongs when bathing.

Worst still I came across forums mentioning that the camps in Kelantan have water shortage for three whole months, meaning 3 months no need to bath if you’re depending on that tap water = =”

Kenny Sia had once said that PLKN camps are considered as summer camps for the SPM graduates =D!

And I am leaving next week (: Do wish me good luck there.

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