24 December, 2009

The Merlion & Bugis Street @ Singapore

Everything about the third day of the trip (:

It is mainly about walking around from one place to another. We really walked a lot for the whole day, yet I didn’t see any slimming effect in that =X! It is the Anderson Bridge behind me, with breezy wind along the pathway.

The landmarks along our way. They are all painted in white, looking so… aww. Very much like Full House in PJ. I love all these pictures very much, but since I can’t fit all the photographs here, so do view them in my Facebook album.

Album #1: CLICK

Album #2: CLICK

Clockwise from top left: Toasted bread with semi-cooked egg ; White rojak ; Uzumaki ice cream cone [I think I saw it here before] ; 2 person meal: Black pepper chicken from KFC ; Otafuku omelette rice.

Finally I urge myself to update about FOOD. The above picture shows a few menus which are unavailable [or rather rarely found] in Malaysia. All of them do look delicious :D and taste well too.

Okashi Gift House

This gift shop is sort of like Kitty Palace!
If you’re a great fan of Hello Kitty, you can actually find an array of the Kitty merchandise here.

The Bugis Street :D

Cheap, affordable stuff available here! The earrings are only $1 per pair, whereas clothes range from $5 to $30 only. These are non branded apparels, but can be comfortably worn. By the way I bought plenty of clothes here!

Aside from clothes, cheap electrical appliances can also be found here. Oh ya. New Moon in Singapore is basically the name of a mamak stall = =

From top:

Picture #1:
People on the boat are all busy taking photographs of the Merlion although they’re all wet,
splashed by the water.

Picture #2:
Youths nowadays are awesome :D
They are canoeing under the high pressure of water with their Santa hat along. Wet is FUN!
Picture #3:
The Singapore No. 1 landmark: The Merlion The best place of tourist attraction

The picture in the middle shows the two families =)
From left: Aunt, Sis, Mama, Papa.
Bottom: Two naughty cousins of mine =X!
Photographer: Saya lahhh (:

We then stroll down the street and boarded MRT to another station. Came across Popular Bookstore. This is totally different from our country. The Popular outlet in Singapore is 5-storey tall, larger than Mydin here = = And we’re allowed to eat in this bookstore; they provide restaurants in between every storey.

:D Tiggers are available here. Santa Tigger, to be precise (: And look, it wears a pair of teddy shoes. How I’d wish to get one home..

Finally returned to Yishun at night. The night market there is huge, like the one in Taman Connaught here. And they have this type of game along the night market, sort-of fun fair-like.

Sorry I delayed the post of the Sentosa Island in Singapore
due to too many pictures to be selected from,
but don't worry (; I will try to post it soon!

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