23 December, 2009

Orchard Road @ Singapore

Orchard Road is one of the most famous street in Singapore where 23 blocks of shopping complexes lie here. The road is a total entertainment hub with enchanting Christmas decoration.

Known as a shopping haven, it is a suitable shopping place for the brand-conscious society. Sephora, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Forever 21 and many more outlets are available here.

Also, Orchard Road has the most beautiful Christmas tree. This is fully sponsored by the Ferrero Rocher company as part of the must-haves for the festive season.

The lunch: Mega Spicy chicken burger from Mc Donald. This is huge, sort of similar to KFC’s Zinger burger. It is something we can’t find in Malaysia though. But the RM1 ice cream isn’t that cheap anymore in Singapore. It costs almost RM5 for just an ice cream cone there = =

Santa Claus and reindeers are in town now! Myriad neon bulbs light them at night, which creates wonderful shots for photographers. Too bad, my Sony camera couldn’t take good night shots ): What a waste…

The girls are dressed in pixie-like :D And walked along the street to get votes from people. Hey I love Singapore for having this type of celebration for Christmas unlike in Malaysia ):

Two young pretty lasses are doing acrobatic performance on the street, aiming to raise fund for the Mongolian poor kids. Their performance is impressive; they can bend almost 360° I guess :X

Left: Christmas card, globe shape.
We rarely find such a pretty card in Malaysia, it costs $10.90 meaning RM 26.71 after the ringgit conversion.

Top right: Shoelace with alphabets.
This is sort of common here anyway, but I would never spend so much money on a piece of shoelace with the diamonded beads.

Bottom right: Swear box; “No I am not on Facebook” wallet; Christmas card, house shape.

These items are pretty cool, seriously :D I love that wallet a lot and would certainly get one for him, but… It is $29.90 each T_______T Equivalent to almost RM74.90 each wallet ):

:D It is the toyland at Takashimaya shopping mall, where the souvenirs are reasonably priced here. I bought a $8 baby tigger while Sis grabbed five $6 baby Poohs [Authentic!, from Disney baby collection].

Tigger and I ! He can read, by the way :D

I bought Singapore Seventeen, January issue there, only $3 each. I think it is totally different from the Malaysia version, so if any of you are interested in reading this, I can always lend to you (:

Next update: Sentosa Island.

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