12 March, 2010

The only thing I regretted in life ♥

Just a picture of mine,
in case you've forgotten how I look after 2 months of my disappearance.

Taking the result seems scarier than sitting for the exam.
Everyone is still talking about it now.
I read blogs, where people just write out their result hugely on their page.

Flashback to yesterday.

9am: Breakfast with Yang, Carol, Keiyan, Lipkin and Kaisheng at Old Town.
11am: Collected result from school.

The first teacher I saw was Mr. Lim,
and the first sentence he said to me is “Don’t be sad kay?”

I sensed something was wrong there.
Thanks Carolyn for being the first one I hugged when I burst into tears.

I regretted for not mastering that subject well.
Having the most A+ isn’t a great deal, when there is a B+ ruining the piece of paper.

I didn’t take the interview, or being taken photograph to be put into the magazine.
Sorry for being oh-so-imperfect.

11 years of being the top student seems meaningless,
for at the end of the day I fell from the triumphant sky.

High expectations? No.
Although I fell, I would climb up again

People came around, asking me for my results.
"Hey, straight A's right?", the sentence sounds oh-so-expected.
I have had to brave myself, telling the whole world, hell NO.

For those who are really happy for your result,
I am proud of you! You've achieved what you want.
And do start planning your path of future ;)

Thanks to many people for calling me, to show your sense of caring---
Mama, Sissa, Jen Hoe, Steven, Mr. How and Mr. Murugan.

I then thanked every tuition teacher via sms,
And went up to the staffroom hugging my darling teachers.

I knew I have disappointed some of them.
Especially DaddyLoke and Mr. Murugan who are like my friends over these few years.

1.00pm: Lunch at Nando’s. Sat beside the birthday boy, Leonleeboy.

Yummms~ "Hot"? No. It is super spicy = =

2.30pm: Alice in The Wonderland! ♥
I rate only 4/10. Sorry, many from the 14 of us fell asleep halfway.

5.00pm: J Co. Doughtnut time.

I miss the free, sugary doughnuts in my camp. They're really tasty when just normal-looking. So this is my tea time, just like what I had in camp. Gahh. Obsessed over PLKN all in a sudden = =

Clockwise: Lipkin, Kaisheng, Keiyan, Khengyang, Szehui.
5 persons shared a cup of cappucino creme. Thank you, Boss Kaisheng!

7pm: Yum cha-ed.
Loitered around the mall while waiting for Carolyn to finish working.

9.30pm: Steamboat at Ho Ho with Yang, Carol and Kaisheng.
Only 4 of us; But there were a lot to chat about.
Being in the camp for 2 months made me missed a long list of occasions :(

11.45pm: Reached home. Finally.
Mama promised me a new cellie for my yet-to-be-perfect result,
meaning that my dream of having a DSLR had vanished into the thin air completely.

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