10 March, 2010

B.A.C.K. forever ♥

Hey honeybees! I am back earlier, on 10th instead of 14th,
due to the early release of SPM result. Gah, and keep this sensitive SPM issue aside first = =
Let's talk about National Service in Selangor camp ;D

70 days of serving for the nation have gone by.
From meeting people from all walks of life to being independent,
there are always more than words to describe this.

FRIENDz ; The God-sent companions
P/S: Spot me!

They’re the colour pencils in my life---
They might not be my favourite colour but
each and every one of them makes my painting of life colourful!

70 days of being away from home taught me a lot. I remembered how reluctant I was to leave for camp after the CNY break. I won’t forget how many words of advice the darlings gave me when I was down.

L.O.V.E. [[[XOXO]]]

Special thanks to:
Kheng Yang ;)
For the every best thing he did throughout our oh-so-stormy 2 months. Thanks for the experience and text messages he shared every week; they indeed kept me survive! :D

San Kok ;)
For the never-get-bored calls sometimes. You’re a great listener during the teary days, no matter how busy you are with your university stuff.

A million thanks to the government,
For giving me such opportunity to experience
the pain and gain, the twists and turns & the ups and downs

'De memorais

The PLKN collection; I spent RM77 here for these photographs, DVDs, VCDs and autograph book.
It is once in a lifetime, so I shall say it is definitely worthy =)


  • Darker Richer skintone
  • Fatter Fuller body image
  • Hundreds of friends
  • Hundreds of valuable photographs
  • Kem PLKN Paya Indah Kump 1 Siri 7/2010 DVD
  • Telephone numbers! =X
  • Self confidence
  • Courage in presenting the best self
  • Independence, without family and cellie
  • Mosquito bites and marks =/
  • Untrimmed, messy hair T______T
  • Autographs from humans I met
  • Communicating skill
  • Speaking Chinese! ;D
  • Experience, experience and EXPERIENCE
  • Lifetime memories
  • Maturity, a soon-to-be great thinker
  • Knowledge, in whatever I never know before
  • Creativity! Left brain works
  • SMILES! :D

    P/S: Oh Jesus. 500 more pictures to upload. Patient, people ;D

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    1. You really enjoy this PKLN :)
      But i hope i won't get choose though it looks like fun! x(


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