19 April, 2010

A day to KLCC

The even of the day was Pikom PC Fair at KLCC, but it was so crowded there and I just didn’t manage a good picture of the ambience there. anyway I saw my darling friends working so hard there, and just didn’t have time for lunch ): PC Fair is finally over, and they can now rest more

Thousands are walking to the Fair =/

Chili's ;D

It’s my first experience to dine at Chili’s outlet in KLCC.
Frankly I rarely go there unless there are book fairs, etc.

The starter--- Southwestern egg rolls @ RM21.95
This is awesome ;D

My spaghetti chicken @ RM21.95
With homemade sauce and grilled, sliced chicken meat

The portion is more than just huge,
Apparently I can’t finish it all by myself,
Sharing between two would be a better choice =)

Steven’s southwestern lamb @ RM26.95
It has very tempting taste
I, too, fell in love with this

The movie we watched--- Kick Ass. For 18 and above only.
Sort of a comedy but with disgusting scenes and trimmed sex scenes.
If you want to watch the original movie, do download from the net ;)

Going green!
They just love the environment too much.

The park; I promise I would get some photo shoot there some day
(: Anyone would like to accompany me please?

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  1. Wow..love it..
    Pls post more photo :D
    wi$h to go there one day


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