24 April, 2010

Spellie's BIGGIE dae

Hey dear readers,

The blogger is back, and keep updating so frequently for the past few weeks even when she is extremely exhausted after the long days. And today she declares,

“Byebye to the old hairstyle!”

;D I am no longer having this messy hair = = Mum had once told me that all the time, my hair looks like as if I just woke up. So now… CHANGED. And I managed a “yay” (;

The event of the day.
Spellman’s 18 @ Paddington House of Pancake.
In case that the picture doesn’t describe the event in detail.

His beefy meal.

The free gift for the birthday boy from the pancake house ;D
This is mouth watering

Mine--- Rancher’s Smokey Chicken Burger.

It’s an American burger of grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, along with chicken bacon, hash brown, pineapple and pepper. @ RM20.50. Delicious but the portion is kinda small.

The celebration ended with a cutting cake session (; It is an oh-so-cheesy cake from Secret Recipe. Melted, but still awesome.

I actually found this picture funny = =
It reminds me of him making a wish, “Please don’t shower the Africans with famine”.
Perhaps that’s really his birthday wish? Ahahahas!

Left Mid Valley around 11pm, and headed to mamak stall with my two besties.
Just yumcha-ed and went home after 12am.

Nothing else I could explain when some people just tend to misunderstand at the first place till now.

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