01 May, 2010

Emoticons in Tagboarder

I’m bored of the default smilies provided by cbox, plus blue isn’t my cup of tea.

So I made my move to delete everything and put up kawaii and kirei emoticons to freshen my pinkie chatbox ;D

And it is oh so simple to change it!

Just a few simple steps to follow:

1. Log in to your cbox account if you already have one. Register for a free account if you haven't registered yet.
2. Go to 'Smilies' on the navigation bar on the left side. Now you can see all the cbox smilies in there.

3. Click the button “New Row” at the bottom.

4. Copy the URL of the emoticon you want to add and paste the URL on the third space of the new row (this is the longest blank box).

5. On the very first blank box of the new row, write a name for the new emoticon you've just added starting with colon : or semi colon ; For example, the new emoticon you've just added is a sad emoticon, write it as :sad:

6. On the second blank box of the new row, write a command for your new smily or yahoo messenger emoticon. Example, the command for *big grin* smiley is :D and the command for *sad* is :(

Note: You always have to put a colon : or semicolon ; on each command to work.

7. "Save" changes. The smilies or yahoo messenger emoticons you've just added will show up on your cbox.

Ta-daa ;D My new emoticons.
P/S: Wanted to put more bunnies there

;D Do drop by your mesage here along with cute emoticons k?
Whether you are using cbox or shoutmix, the steps are just the same.
Simple isn’t it? Now do add new look at your chatbox! (;
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