30 May, 2010

LIVE Concert!

Konsert Melodi Cinta Rossa @ Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

Oh I didn’t buy tickets to watch her concert.
Was working there with 3 of my friends as ticker checkers and ushers (;

My job of the day:
Bring the guests to their numbered seats, easy right?
But boring!

And of course I do meet people like this:

“Good evening, may I assist you to your seat?”
Reply: *walk away with the eyes towards the sky!*

How rude of them being the so-called glamorous person with such low mannerism!

We reached the stadium around 3.30pm to do preparations for the event. But actually I don’t know what preparations are needed there =.=” We just sat and chitchatted.

We were provided with nasi goreng ikan bilis as dinner at 4.30pm. So freaking early.

Yang and Kin on the picture ;D

The organizer provided us with this Rossa T-Shirt.
Looks kinda nice from the back view only LOL!

This is the famous artist from Indonesian. She looks pretty here right? But yesterday I saw her looking kinda old already =/ After all, this image of a divorcee with a son isn’t bad right? She still looks okay-lah

The Love Melody Concert was led by a well-known musician Yovie Widianto along with 30 other musicians to perform an orchestral concert ;D

She even found 60 kids to perform on stage ;D They were just cute!

There were a lot of VVIPs attending the event. Even Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor (don’t tell me you don’t know who is she) came to support this Indonesian artist!

The ticket box for ticket checkers.

After the event, Yang fetched me to da pao my supper coz’ I was goddamn hungry after working for the whole night! Reached home around 1a.m (;

Nice meeting new colleagues there.
Sorry for low picture quality.


  1. looks like Siti Norhaliza :-)

  2. yeah the female artist looks like siti =)

  3. waaa..i love her voice+songs..she's a bit old la,but stil kinda cute

  4. how much u do for this job? ehya! got part time job intro?

  5. LOL

    [Good evening, may I assist you to your seat?”
    Reply: *walk away with the eyes towards the sky!* ]

    They like to be left unattended.. :P

  6. wah,you get this job frm where oh?


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