01 June, 2010

Happy World’s Milk Day!

It falls on the first day of June each year since 2001. To date, campaigns are launched to encourage us to drink more milk.
But why milk?

Lemme share with you
The 10 Health Benefits of Milk!
1. Provides protein
2. Nutritious!
3. Vitamins source
4. Reduce high blood pressure
5. Strengthen teeth
6. Reduce obesity!
7. Thwart cancer
8. Prevent diabetes
9. Prevent hydration
10. Good taste!

View here for more info!
:D Start drinking milk todae!


  1. oouuhh..everyone talk about milk..but i hate milk...hahahha..

  2. serious? i didn't know june 1 was designated as drinking milk day..
    btw i love drinking milk because it is very nutritious..
    i do buy it frequently but not very very frequent becoz the price isn't cheap..

  3. LOL. I had mine. FULL CREAM DUTCH LADY to start off my day! weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  4. milk sometimes can make ur health worst... seriously...

    anyway, nanged! :)

  5. A dutch Lady..It is a women from the Nederland?..hahaha..just kidding...milk is good for the health...

  6. Kaka.. I like to drink milk too! One of my favorite drinks :D

  7. @kenwooi: alright a packet of milk a day keeps the doctor away!

    @::ienafazlyna:: Aww perhaps you find it tasteless? ;X

    @Kwong Fei: Yeaps kinda costly to buy everydae!

    @Nana Lana: Im fat, so I need skimmed milk ;X

    @HenryLee: Yah i agree! too much of a good thing is bad (;

    @Roffe: Perhaps from New Zealand? hahas!

    @WyYv: buy some for me too!


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