11 May, 2010

Mama…the greatest person ever

We had celebrations on the second Sunday of May every year, showing gratitutes towards Mama. I believe, every mother works for 365 days each year to toil, care and shower the family with love.

It’s time for Mama to rest; don’t need to cook.
And let’s have buffet meal ;D

Seoul Garden @ IOI Mall. Available in 1Utama & Mahkota Parade too!
Only RM25.88++ per pax for this Korean BBQ steamboat buffet!

A variety of seasoned meat ot be chosen from
Beef, chicken, fish; You name it and they have it here =)

Vege time! Ily, mushroooms!

Kimchis, the most fabulous dish in every Korean meal (;

Two options available: Steamboat and grilling
Both pots and grilling plates can be replaced from time to time to keep the hygiene (;

Our soup of the day is kimchi flavour ;D
Then after an hour or two, we changed to ginseng flavour, with no extra charges!

Other foodstuff available there:
My darling chicken wings Fried rice, Spaghetti, Spring rolls, etc

And of course my all time favourite—Mr. Crabbie
The readily-made ice-cream in cup

And this is my very own decorated one,
Fell in love with the greenie honeydew flavour

We’re so bloated after refilling our plates repeatedly,
Then had some camwhore session to ease the stomachs

Padini great sales at IOI Mall ;D The crowd scares me off =/

Finally watched this with the family.

You know I never love action movies all this while, and even have no interest in Chinese martial arts and culture. So this is certainly not my cup of tea =X

The celebrated ones; Mama and my Godmother

Anyway, Happy Mother’s Dae once again! =)


  1. Wow, nice buffet dinner. Happy belated Mother's Day! By the way, IpMan 2 was nice what.

  2. awww.....nice...everyday is mother's day! :-)

  3. Got hungry again......btw HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, blees to your mum. Our best forever friend in whole life. StayTune.......

  4. The last time I went to Seoul Garden... they won't allow me to take pictures of the selection of food :(

  5. jfook: hahas i just dont like those type of movie =/

    ohmywtf: hehes everydae! yea =D

    nebular: my blog alwiz make ppl hungry =P

    Shirleen: ohh maybe that time they didnt notice i was taking picha xD


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