27 June, 2010

Chapters Of Life

I’m back in updating something really personal about my recent life.

I’m sorry to say this,
Only people who are really concerned about me would enjoy reading this post.
They would certainly finish reading the entire post and all the words here.

Warm welcome to MMU!

Here is the main gate. And the entire place is HUGE. Walking from one block to another is kinda a must-have habit to everyone studying here, as is unavoidable. I hope I can really walk more, and get myself fitter and SLIMMER ;D

Last week, during my registration session, I entered with 50 JPA scholars, who score excellent results in academic and also co-curriculum. People who got all As on Earth and did so well really made me so stressed out! ); I felt like I was the only one who didn’t achieve much in school, when others have thick records of competition achievements.

Then we listened to all sorts of briefings, about the whole university, security, academic timetable and most importantly, the JPA briefing!

They said:
  • I have to serve for the government for 6 years (coz’ I took accounting)!
  • I have to hand in my academic result every semester!
  • I must make sure I get CGPA 3.40 all the time!
  • I must not involve in politics and crimes.
  • And must obey the rules here all the time.

So the first point kinda stunned me, I didn’t expect to serve sooooooo long for this! And my academic result must be good, good and good. The best thing is:

I’ve signed the agreements and there’s no way back now! );

Tomorrow would be the beginning of my second week in MMU. The first week is nothing about orientation at all, we straight away started with classes because the whole course started on 7 June, we missed A LOT! When I enter the first lesson at the lecture hall, the lecturer already entered Chapter 2 or 3, which means I have to study things I’ve missed all by myself.

My hostel block ;D

5-storey flat. The room can be occupied by 2 or 3 persons. Thank God, I’m now having two-person sharing only, and everything is still in a good manner. Spacious and just nice for two (; P/S: I’m not looking forward to the third person to come =P

My bed, wardrobe and study desk inside the hostel are all perfect to me, at least for now (; I took the double decker, so wind wouldn’t be able to penetrate from top and that would be a lil warmer than usual. But at night, I still find it kinda cold, but comfy!

Night view from my hostel window. Luckily I have nice scenery here all the time. Guys here are used to play basketball and hockey here till midnight.

I have a long train of ANTS along my desk all the time!

I tried using the ants powder to kill them, but in fact it attracted even more!
Sigh. Please teach me what to do.

Now, about the food here. This chicken rice costs me less than 4 bucks, and everything here is affordable, only that sometimes the choices are limited and I get bored easily, just don’t hope to eat a lot here =.=”

I am going to have a mid term exam in Week 7, meaning only 3 more weeks to go! WOW, I am here for only a week and exam is already near. Time to chase all my tutorials, assignments and lessons missed! Therefore, there would be less updates in future!

I hope I can get used to the environment, people, and everything here,
so that I can really cope well, study and excel in the subjects each semester (;

Stay tune lovely readers (;

Nang if you love this.


  1. No turning back! hahaha...
    ermm... maybe u can use soap water and wet piece of cloth to wipe every sections of ur tables or room... maybe there's something attracting the ants....

    not too expensive la the food... i thought it would be expensive for the campus compare to any other places :)

    enjoy ur study there :D peace

  2. I believe you are staying in HB4. At night normally they are playing what type of hockey? Inline hockey or turf hockey?

  3. Hey! Hope you're enjoying yourself there! Do keep in touch aights =D And do let me know once you're back home! Best of luck!

  4. my bro turned down MMU. but my sis previously studied there too. I studied at MMU's rival =)

  5. wah...congrats...u enroll to MMU....the uni looks huge ler...nto bad looking food...thou i think if i eat the same thing over and over again, i will get bored...kekeke

  6. MMU? wahh. congrate dear.
    i hope u will be fine and happy study there.
    take care oke :)

  7. Enjoy life tere and take good care. =] Wish u good luck in coming exam too ;)

  8. Oh ou, the time has come. You may feel tired, painful and even wish that you hadn't have to study anymore. But trust me, when u reach my age (im darn old) you'll start missing those times in MMU!

    Cherish every moment in uni life. =)

  9. i hate bunk beds! lol. having a roommate eh? good luck!

  10. hey babe. hope u're doing fine there. that place looks not bad :D see u soon alright ? do beep me in FB or MSN. missing our gossip session already! <3

  11. Try using vinegar and water to get rid ants~
    (enviromental -frenly)


  12. good luck weh... i also taking exam in 3 weeks time but i study longer XD

  13. hopefully you can get use of your life very soon :) work hard for your exam!

  14. Congratz n best of luck for ur new life over thr!

  15. during my time, UTP and MMU considered rival since both are the biggest IPTS with top scorer. =)

  16. hye fish study hard !

    gud luck 4 u education !

  17. put axe oil along the trial of the ants and they will no longer walk in a straight line. hahah! try it!

    and ya. hopefully u dun get a third roommate in yr room!

  18. have fun @ mmu, take care of yourself, when it is cold, cover up!:)


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