15 August, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Resident Evil: Afterlife is finally coming with a 3D version ;D It will hit Malaysia’s screen on 10 September 2010. As usual, our kind Nuffnang would give out tickets for us to watch it 2 days earlier! *excited*

Let's go against the evil Umbrella Corporation!

If I were Alice in Resident Evil: Afterlife, I would not munch the “Eat Me” cake to become bigger in size and swallow the “Drink Me” potion to shrink again, like how Alice in the Wonderland does.

Nor I would not use my ability of seeing the future to fight like how Alice Cullen in Twilight does.

If the Umbrella Corporation is the only remaining organization on the planet,
fighting the umbrella corporation just becomes easy-pessy!

Facing the humanity extinction, Umbrella Corporation just continues their genetic experiments.

If I were Alice (of course not Claire!), I would destroy their laboratories, so-called undead, zombies, equipment, invention and everything in the Corporation! P/S: Can you see how fully equiped am I? Thanks to the T-Virus too, by the way!

How can the umbrella corporation produces more inventions
when their main resources and laboratories no longer exist?
*evil laughs*

Umbrella Corporation would then lose, and unable to clone Alice’s DNA as well!

The corporation would then be more fragile than cheese! LOL
And of course easily defeated, by me, Alice in Resident Evil! ;D

Anyway, good luck to Nuffnangers to win the tickets and even maybe the Sony 16GB Video Walkman worth RM 749! Do enjoy the special screening, and hope to meet you peepa there! ;D


  1. hehe~ nice picture u did on the plan :)

    and btw, i hope i get the tickets for the movie too. good luck :)

  2. Good luck. Hope you get to watch the show. :D

  3. I'm so gonna watch this movie man!!! :O All the best in getting those tickets btw ;)

  4. Wow.. i like Resident Evil in games and movies.. Good Luck!!!

  5. great post and all the best for the comp!

    do check out my entry as well ya?



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