30 August, 2010

TGI Fridays Visit on a Saturday

Last Saturday, we went to TGIF at the Gardens, booked 19 places for the birthday celebration!

The first appetizer--- Fried Mac and Cheese

Irresistible, creamy cheeses and elbow noodles golden-fried to perfection.

My main course, Fish and Chips @ RM24.90.

Garlic Marinated Grilled Lamb Chops
This is nice!

The birthday girl’s meal--- Tilapia Vera Cruz *NEW*

" Sautéed tilapia fish fillets simmered with tomatoes,
sweet & spicy peppers, capers and olives. Served with herb rice "

Rated Aaaaa-wesome!

American Chocolate from Cake Sense.

Rated so-so only.
If you really wanna get a cake from Cake Sense, do opt for Mango flavour :D

When she arrives…

The celebrated one.

This is the way TGIF personnels celebrate for your birthday---
Stand on the chair with the celebrated one, sing or dance ;D

See, they’re so happy!

Now… Photoshooting time ;D ;D!

FiSh and Spellman, my all time bestie!

The birthday girl’s boyfie (;

KFC Forever!

Lastly the group picha with the waiter, Ady ;D

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  1. u were at tgi gardens on sat? i was there too! sort of. haha. was looking for a place to eat but all fully booked for buka puasa!

  2. kfc forever means? hmmm kfc gang? LOL

  3. As usual... pics that make me drool... the lamb chop looks good....

  4. wah..the staffs there were really into ur friend's birthday! LOL
    i can't look at cheesy foods now, im fasting, n cheese is my weak spot! =P

  5. sooooo....tempting! blogs should ban delicious food photos during fasting month...LOLS~

  6. Look at all the cheese...my saliva is dripping like no tomorrow liao...

  7. Yums, the food looks delicious! :D

  8. OMG... the fish and chips looks so yummy !!! >w<

    Irresistable !!!

  9. my girl ask me to treat her there.. hahaha...

  10. looking at ur pics make me wanna go TGIFs soon!!! and u and ur besties call urself KFC? haha, is it coz u girls are finger licking good? :P :P

  11. love the way TGI celebrate ppl's birthday.. unfortunately though, some of their food doesn't agree with me.. >.<

  12. cool celebration! O yea, TGI staffs are really outgoing.

  13. hmmm look at the food, i'm hungry..

  14. wah i never had a good impression of TGIF but after watching your pictures, omg I wanna go naaooo. Its either you pictures very chio or the food very chio XDD

  15. I've nvr been to Friday's b4..is the food expensive? =)

  16. baru pertama buka blog ini, langsung liat foto makanan. ^^

  17. it always making me hungry whenever i see those pictures LOL

  18. ouh ! love the meal.. really looks good dude ! yummy... nyum nyum.. hehehe

  19. y u go everywhere oso order fish n chips one? =="

  20. Irresistible, creamy cheeses and elbow noodles golden-fried to perfection was my favourite!! nyummy


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