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17 August, 2010

You Don't Read My Blog Anymore!

"Assignments are going to meet its due date tomorrow.
Things are still like a mess now, thanks to XXX..."

The old blogger FiSh would probably write this whenever she has a terrible day. But now as you can see, my blog posts are mostly of Nuffnang posts and photographs. Till now, I realize I have updated lesser and lesser about my life, the happenings in each day--- the oh-so-teehee days and also the crying, emo days.

Also, I have learnt to accept that my way of blogging now is very different from last time. If you're interested, you may always view my old posts in 2007 and 2008. I remembered how I actually blogged my real, everyday life when my close friends read and comment now and then. But now, I came to understand that none (or rarely, perhaps) of my close friends actually visits my blog anymore.

Maybe yes. One or two.
For example, my all-time loyal reader, Mr. J.
He used to drop by at this page frequently, and now it turns into 'occasionally'. Soon, I don't dare to imagine what would it be next.

So readers,
Have you read the paragraphs above or skip to here?

If you've really read it, I hope you're one of the nice people visiting my blog to actually learn more about my life, instead of doing the routine "blog walking", asking for nangs, or enquiring for ads clicks.

But anyway I would like to thank Nuffnang for giving me a chance to earn a little cash as a full time student. My earnings, till now, aren't as much as any of you, I bet. For your information, I don't reach RM1 earnings each day, but... Blogging is my hobby apart from photography. Therefore, I would continue this blog no matter what.

And I have only signed up in Nuffnang for less than half a year, and it is already putting some advertisements on my site ;D

Some is already a lot to me, be grateful, shouldn't you? ;)

Although until this very moment, I still don't understand why are buffered earnings, metered earnings and normal campaigns different from one another = =

Whether to see lights and brightness from the visitors anymore, it really depends on you and your attitude. To drop by and say hi only, or to read or at least view each post nicely, it is utterly your choice.

Thanks darling readers who actually read and commented in previous posts!
I heart you!

I hope the blogging days would be as bright as this in future.
Happy blogging, friends! And happy reading too!


  1. Visiting again. Haha, and I DID read the first 3 paragraphs! :P

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I did read the whole post:D Will drop by more often at your site..lol Happy day Ms.Fish^^

  4. aww..u just summed up what i felt this few days~~ and yes, i do read blogs..as in read read~ cheers~

  5. oh well...I've been vry busy too..i got 1 analysis to be done b4 malay raya..1 more after the break n 1 mini proj...assignments too..they make me go @@...tat's y i'm less active d, making my visitors getiing less n less...haiz...

  6. heyya.. i read your whole post ya.. it such a nuisance where ppl visit ur blog just to ask for nanged right?? i've experienced that too.. =) btw nice blog~

  7. hey ya , i do read every of your blog post . =)

  8. hey fishy, y u sounded like so depress..? i'm another person who'd read ur writin too.. On top of that, i'd nuff-ed ur ads for u too ler.. CoOL Huh! :P Haha! i like ur photography and.. a bit of ur drawing though. ^^ u inspire me2 get dslr ASAP... :D

  9. hey, :D I do read your posts! hehe, mind to tell me where did you find the metered earnings and buffered earnings. I cant find it! :(

  10. as cliche as it may sound, i did read e whole post!yes, i do think after some time, our writing style in our blog changes. hopefully mine changes for the better =P
    wow..at least u have all those buffered earnings, metered earnings. i dont even have those! have a nice day too!

  11. memangnya nuf nang itu buat apaan c??

  12. i still read ur blog.... NOT!
    Seriously.. i do! >..<

  13. yea, i used to blog bout personal stuff n wat my heart wants to say n close frens will come calling in.

    but for now, it's more to virtual frens. kaka.

    anyways, blog as what/how ur heart wants u to! =)

    it may be juz a secondary job? =P

  14. hallu... i did read the whole post... 4 me its not nice if just BW then left a msg in shoutbox hope the owner visit back without read any of the post there... thats not my style.. hehe.. but i new here..will visit here more often ;p... happy blogging..nice to know u..

  15. I read ur blog often, but i rarely comment.

    Just to let u know i am reading:)

  16. Chill ler... see.. so many ppl still read your blog... steady ler...

  17. I read ! I feel that way too ! Its like, last time only close friends READ and comment on my blog. Now its just.. visitors who don't read :(
    Love this post ! <3

  18. aiti, my nn more kns than urs.

  19. Hey! I still check for updates in your blog everytime I come online! It has turned into something occassionally because I seldom go online on weekdays nowadays. Hmmph, I still prefer the way you blogged last time, more on your life. Maybe I just wanna catch up on you more but whichever way you blog now, it doesn't matter because I am still and will always be the loyal reader of this blog! :D

  20. Indeed Fish... I would like people to visit the post and appreaciate it rather than just nang without even entering... and we can know by checking whether they got enter the post to see or not !!
    Anyway... I am here to see see ...not just a nang ok !

  21. Indeed Fish... I would like people to visit the post and appreaciate it rather than just nang without even entering... and we can know by checking whether they got enter the post to see or not !!
    Anyway... I am here to see see ...not just a nang ok !

  22. hey girl, u're not the only one who feels like that too :)

    and i do read ur posts :) although at times i do skim and scan instead of reading properly (shhhh) but this post is really heart-felt. So i guess that's what all readers really do want :) something that's straight from ur heart~ *cheers*

    and nuff-ed ya :P

  23. actually i agree with you. my blog as well is no longer what it used to be. it's just SO commercialize now. sigh. see all my post, it's all cars cars cars.

    and now no one even bother to read my posts. it's so demotivating.

    let's hope we managed to find who we used to be, Fish. xoxo.

  24. LOL, you and me both.
    My blogging style has changed also.

    My blog used to be my personal life and only a few friends read about it.

    But now it turned into an event blog because of the great number of events I attend.

    And ya, I do occasionally read your blog. :)

  25. haha... i think its normal la some blogger just want others blogger to click their ads. me also like that some times ago. hehe...

  26. nice writing n blog u hv here :) i think many bloggers out there really want ppl to actually READ their entry, like me,... instead of ppl just dropping by and spam ur chatbox T_T

  27. haha... now i dislike lor people just click my ads and didnt read my entry. i think i want to remove the shoutbox la. hehe...

  28. Ehh, your earning power from Nuffnang is a bit low for Alexa Rank like yours? Your Alexa Rank is somewhere around 330k. Average bloggers are above million. Mine also lower than you and somewhere around 490k only. Weird.

  29. i always read your blog :D

    for real! :D

  30. Well most of the time I can't even get RM1 a month. And yes, I read the paragraphs above.

  31. Amcorp Mall!
    I always there before this, but didn't snap any pic at the park before. :p

  32. hey babe I'm your big fan too =) hehe take care.

  33. Nobody reads my blog too.
    Come join the Dark Side.



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