08 September, 2010


It sounds like a famous pasar malam phrase in which sellers yell to lure customers. Not every buy-one-free-one stuff is a good bargain, but this one.. the one I gonna mention is certainly a good one!

Ta-daa! My FreshKon gift bag.

They have a promotion recently--- buy 2 Free 1 for color fusion lens.
Sounds tempting? No-no, coz' I got this at BUY 1 FREE 1 !!!

I’m talking about the famous, comfortable lenses- FreshKon Color Fusion series!

Look carefully at the specifications.

Previously they have only 9 colours, but now the NEW 4 are awesome ;D

It is RM70 per pair in every optic centre you go, but last week I get it at only RM70 for TWO pairs!
Meaning only 35 bucks per month, not bad eh?

I chose brilliant brown. Hope it looks nice ;X

And I’ve gotten mine too ;D

Thanks FreshKon and Focus Point for the great deal!
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