03 September, 2010

My Worst Experience with the Feh-mes Pizza Franchise

Gah. I am darn bored of the food inside MMU campus. My everyday menu would be Chinese mixed rice, fried rice and roti canai (or any fried and roti foodstuff =.=)

When I finally went home on yesterday, suddenly I had cravings for pizza! But I was too lazy to get out from home to the outlet itself, hence ordered for delivery.

The story begins...

I ordered at 4.30pm, and scheduled it to 7pm,
meaning that it would arrive at my house around 7pm.

I didn’t know the inefficiency of this franchise until my whole family ended up waiting until 7.30pm. We called them up again, and the dialogue began…

We ended up waiting for another half an hour. And we were really impatient besides having a growling stomach! Dad called up the branch nearest to my place..

Okayy. Waited till 9pm.
It still hadn’t reach yet.
What kind of service do they provide?!

Finally, I couldn’t dine in happily like this );

Moral value of the story:
Dine in or pick up or call on delivery.
Don’t ever opt for online ordering!

But anyway, pizzas nowadays don’t taste as good as last time anymore.

Even the seafood delight isn’t as delighting as always anymore.
Poor-looking already, by the way.

No more pizza in my life!
(For months only perhaps =P)

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