03 September, 2010

My Worst Experience with the Feh-mes Pizza Franchise

Gah. I am darn bored of the food inside MMU campus. My everyday menu would be Chinese mixed rice, fried rice and roti canai (or any fried and roti foodstuff =.=)

When I finally went home on yesterday, suddenly I had cravings for pizza! But I was too lazy to get out from home to the outlet itself, hence ordered for delivery.

The story begins...

I ordered at 4.30pm, and scheduled it to 7pm,
meaning that it would arrive at my house around 7pm.

I didn’t know the inefficiency of this franchise until my whole family ended up waiting until 7.30pm. We called them up again, and the dialogue began…

We ended up waiting for another half an hour. And we were really impatient besides having a growling stomach! Dad called up the branch nearest to my place..

Okayy. Waited till 9pm.
It still hadn’t reach yet.
What kind of service do they provide?!

Finally, I couldn’t dine in happily like this );

Moral value of the story:
Dine in or pick up or call on delivery.
Don’t ever opt for online ordering!

But anyway, pizzas nowadays don’t taste as good as last time anymore.

Even the seafood delight isn’t as delighting as always anymore.
Poor-looking already, by the way.

No more pizza in my life!
(For months only perhaps =P)


  1. wah... u should name that feh-mes pizza u know. the operator sounded so rude, just "Okay,okay, thanks for calling anyway. bye" never once apologize. sheeeesh..go complain man. heh

  2. lol....poor thing. i havent had pizza hut in ages. lol~

  3. i ordered pizza hut delivery before.
    only a regular one but cost me rm30!!
    no more pizza hut delivery.

  4. Pizza Hut's pizzas are not that tasty anymore and the service is super sucks. There's one outlet at Kuchai Lama offers the WORST service at all. No more Pizza Hut for me unless i cant find other food. lol

  5. I never like Pizza Hut. Should try Domino :) if late half an hour they give free pizza guaranteed XD

  6. I get few invitation from Pizza Hut for do a foo review last month but i skip it.. coz i know it's suck and I dont want cheat my reader...

    Try yellow cab pizza or papa john pizza if u love pizza. Trust me.. better than pizza hit 100times

  7. feel sorry for that, u should go complain for that suck services... u have fun pict as ur story...

  8. LOL? i order online okay sahaja? i live serdang oso okay wor?

    i usually eat dominoe's? u call which shop wor? so noob one?

  9. Write a feedback at their site with harsh words & u will get "FREE: vouchers :)

  10. Pity u lah..

    Anyway.. this type of attitude is SUCK. No respect to customer so they can close the business meh.

  11. @Danial, I don't name it coz' I don't want to ruin their business but still seems like many people already know which franchise is that.

    @Wen Yi: I didn't name it out =P

    @Katak: WOW so expensive??? they have promotions now, i think.

    @peacemusicbabe: zomg mine is so near to kuchai lama!

    @Amy: i want FREE pizzas from here too );

    @FeeQ: I think Papa John is a good choice, too bad im not a pizza lover.

    @dwell: thanks x)

    @Song: yours is domino mar, not that noob compared to *this shop.

    @"I" the writer: I wrote a feedback to them, without harsh words, BUT there's NO reply from them.

    @Suara Kalbu: They might close, somedae =P

  12. go with dominos.. theres online tracking and 30 minutes delivery guarantee..so no need starve...haha

  13. That fella must be a part time worker, full time slacker.

  14. LOL. what a bad experience here. But my bro used to order it online. and the service was good and efficient.

  15. walau...
    next time just call le
    since all these new features are stupid and useless.

  16. HAHA PIZZA gone case~ xD BAD PR now everybody knows.

  17. Their service need to be improve! (: (:

  18. wah, the last picture very unappetizing weiii XD

  19. hahaha.

    worse ever service.

    i think u should made pizza ur own self i perhaps

    u can decorate even better than tat pizza look like and more tastier.

    and after tat u can open ur own branch. and defeat them..


  20. hmmm.. so u studies at MMU... ^^ cooL!

  21. i cooked my own pizza and it tastes great! my preference! hehe

  22. think i you cab appela for a closure with that kind of service. it sucks.

  23. hahaha.. the last time i ate pizza hut was 7 years ago. huhu... now, dominos! :D

  24. haha... disastrous rite? i think domino's pizza service is still the best and their pizzas are nice :D

  25. i just buy a ready-made crust from the grocery. then i chose my own toppings then have it oven-cooked. hehe

  26. ask for dominos next time . chill :D

  27. Haha... well looks like shouldn't drool this time around... if you named the Pizza company... their share price is sure to drop.. XD

  28. I think you were just unlucky. I always order online and it never fails. :)

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