13 September, 2010

Hai Peng Seafood Restaurant @ Jalan Klang Lama, KL

An ordinary Chinese-styled dinner like this is good enough for me now,
I'm so sick of all the Malay food inside the campus .___.

Location of the day: A Chinese seafood restaurant along the Old Klang Road, KL

This is the address, if you'd like to pay a visit there (;

The service here isn't really good coz' their business was brisk and there is not enough waiters to serve us. We waited for almost half an hour for the first dish to be served.

Curry seafood plate ;D ;D
Not too spicy for me. You'd love it if you're a seafood lover.

This is non-halal. Pork ribs!
The sauce is nice; A bit of mayonnaise, thousand island, and something else that I couldn't describe.

Dessert of the day: Ice Kacang ;D

And this: Tau fu fah + Lychee ;D

I feel bad, readers.
Sorry for the lack of nice, luring and tempting pictures
coz' I didn't bring out my DSLR for the day.

I assume this as a not-so-proper update.
Will come out with an awesome update bout Hari Malaysia.
Be patient, huns! ;D


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