01 November, 2010


Jelly is one of the easiest dessert to be self-made,
For a person who doesn’t cook like me -.-

Ingredients of the dae: Konnyaku jelly powder, fruit juice and kiwi seeds.

Kiwi seeds are tasteless, but it adds textures and better feelings when biting the jelly!

Jelly batch #1 : Apple and aloe vera flavour with kiwi seeds

The kiwi seeds float in the jelly solution actually,
P/S: I turned it upside down after it hardens.

Jelly batch #2 : White lychee flavour with kiwi seeds

Jelly batch #3 : Yellow-Mellow! Egg yolk and sugar only

Jelly batch #4 : Bi-layers!
One layer of egg white, another of egg yolk. It looks nicer and tastes sweeter too!

I love having a sweet tooth occasionally, do you?
;D Enjoy your awesome dae!
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